By Allie MacPherson
on February 27, 2024
Social media is always changing. With new platforms, rules and features cropping up constantly, marketing and PR professionals need to keep up to stay ahead and deliver messages effectively.
By Allie MacPherson
on January 10, 2024
Meet the influencers modernizing the diffusion of healthcare information Health is a key component to overall happiness and fulfillment, but healthcare costs and gaps in medical knowledge present ...
By Allie MacPherson
on January 03, 2024
Meet the trailblazers shaping the A.I. landscape The future of digital technology holds immense power that could reshape the world in unforeseen ways. In 2021 alone a massive $1.5 trillion was spent ...
By Allie MacPherson
on December 27, 2023
The financial services industry is evolving faster than ever before – emerging technologies like generative A.I., DeFi (decentralized finance) and crypto pose new challenges to everything from ...
By Highwire Digital Team
on December 20, 2023
We predicted 2023 would be a wild ride for social media, and as December comes to a close, it seems we were right.