Allie MacPherson
By Allie MacPherson on December 27, 2023

Influencer series: Top financial services influencers to watch

The financial services industry is evolving faster than ever before – emerging technologies like generative A.I., DeFi (decentralized finance) and crypto pose new challenges to everything from security and privacy to heightened consumer expectations. As business and go-to-market strategies shift, it’s up to marketers and communicators to navigate educating audiences, driving awareness and ultimately fueling engagement and conversion.  

To overcome these challenges and reach audiences effectively, financial services brands can leverage influencers to help tell their story. Influencers bring trust, credibility and reach to the table in ways that brands often aren’t able to achieve on their own. More than half of Gen Z and Millennial populations alone “intentionally seek out financial advice online or through social media.” Influencers can educate and raise awareness about emerging technologies, provide social proof and engage directly on a human level with their audience. 

While there are many prominent finance influencers, the standouts offer valuable insights, unique perspectives and practical advice. Below we'll introduce you to a selection of finance influencers and highlight a few ways you can incorporate influencers into your communications strategy. Whether your brand targets young consumers or CFOs, leveraging influencers can help you reach highly targeted and niche audiences to drive business impact.

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Top influencers in financial services

Andrew Lokenauth_tablet

Focus Areas: personal finance, investing

Andrew Lokenauth is a seasoned finance professional and publisher of Fluent in Finance, a Substack newsletter with an audience of more than 25k investors and finance enthusiasts. With a background in investment banking and portfolio management, he shares practical tips and strategies to help individuals build sustainable wealth and make informed investment decisions. 

Andrew's ability to simplify complex financial concepts and his focus on empowering audiences to take control of their finances have garnered him a dedicated following. 

Influencer creds
Andrew's clear communication style makes his content easy for audiences to digest and engage. We often see Andrew cross-promoting his Twitter content, which boasts his highest follower counts and engagement, to audiences on Instagram and TikTok. This creative style and publishing strategy is something to keep in mind when thinking about co-branded content opportunities. Partnering with influencers with a diverse channel mix can expand your potential audience reach and give you an opportunity to test creative formats and content types throughout your campaign.


Anthony ONeal_influencer

Focus Areas: managing debt, wealth, taxes

Anthony O’Neal is a financial expert, best-selling author and speaker dedicated to helping his audiences on the path to a debt-free life. With a background in personal finance, Anthony offers guidance on budgeting, student loans, and building a solid financial future. His dynamic speaking style and ability to connect with young audiences have made him a popular figure in the personal finance space. 

Influencer Creds
Anthony's content is highly appealing to Gen Z and millennials as he addresses financial challenges that overlap generations and ones that are specific to each. He’s also garnered a sizable YouTube following by sharing financial advice through long-form video content (10-55mins), while his Instagram and TikTok accounts show short-form versions of that same content (<1min), directing users back to his YouTube channel for the full video. Given his long-form content, brands that have more complex messages and offerings can align very effectively and the interview-style of his content provides an opportunity for executive visibility.


Delyanne Barros_influencer

Focus Areas: Stock market, investing

Delyanne Barros is a financial advisor and content creator who specializes in personal finance and wealth management, known especially for her blog, Delyanne the Money Coach. Her content focuses on teaching everyday investors how to master the stock market. Her expertise in personal finance management and ability to break down financial concepts into easily understandable terms have garnered her a loyal following across a wide range of audiences.

Influencer Creds
Much of her recent content is focused on comparing U.S. and international financial customs, due to her recent move to Portugal. This is certainly something to consider when looking to partner with Delyanne as she may have greater credibility with specific audiences, such as expats, and when it comes to relevant topics, such as traveling and moving abroad. While Delyanne’s emphasis on financial education and practical tips can help users from all types of backgrounds, she is uniquely positioned to work with brands that have an international focus.


Humphrey Yang_influencer

Focus Areas: personal finance, credit cards, real estate investing

Humphrey Yang is a former financial advisor turned personal finance influencer, known for his expertise in real estate investing and entrepreneurship. He provides practical tips for beginners and seasoned investors alike, helping them navigate the intricacies of the market. Humphrey's content stands out due to his transparent approach and his ability to demystify the real estate investment process. 

Influencer Creds
Humphrey’s content is invaluable for audiences looking to grow their wealth through strategic investments. He’s amassed over 3M followers on TikTok and over 1M on YouTube, thanks to his affinity for breaking down financial topics that apply to people across all spectrums of age, income, career, etc. From products to processes, he’s a great influencer to consider partnering with when it comes to explaining complex ideas in simple terms.


Tiffany Aliche_influencer

Focus Areas: personal finance, money management, investing

Tiffany Aliche, also known as The Budgetnista, is a financial educator, author, and motivational speaker. She specializes in budgeting, saving and debt management, offering strategies to help individuals achieve financial freedom. Her impactful content revolves around empowering individuals to take control of their finances and build a solid foundation for wealth creation. 

Influencer Creds
Tiffany's step-by-step budgeting techniques, debt reduction strategies and inspiring success stories have made her a leading figure in the personal finance space. So much so, that she was a coach on a Netflix documentary called Get Smart with Money. Tiffany’s most consistently active account is Instagram, where you’ll find a combination of quote cards, images, videos and podcast snippets, all typically accompanied by extensive captions where she shares more in depth information and really gets the message across. While many successful influencers in this space lean heavily into visuals, Tiffany’s use of text can offer a different angle that appeals to audiences seeking a less visual or surface-level style.

Published by Allie MacPherson December 27, 2023
Allie MacPherson