Building great brands

Our expertise is a combination of insights-based creativity, laser-focused influence and time-tested experience.


Our tech+ model

Our mindset, aspirations and ambitions align with the fastest growing industry in the world — technology.

In the same way that technology now influences every aspect of life, it influences our entire client portfolio. Wherever tech is at work, we are too.


Highwire works with high-growth technology companies and established brands reinventing themselves. Deep technology experience ensures we understand your business and markets and our relationships with key media and influencers help us elevate great stories.


From raising the status quo in primary care, to establishing new treatment pathways for heart disease and type II diabetes, to elevating remote care amid the pandemic. Highwire health knows how to tell your story, to the right audiences, at the right time and in the right way.


We understand the trends that drive media storylines — everyday, we're having conversations with key reporters and others who are shaping the security industry. Qualitative insight matched with data is storytelling gold, so we help you find that perfect narrative and move the needle for your business.

Financial Services

Highwire financial services drives awareness for disruptive fintech brands, changes the perception of established banking institutions and helps mortgage servicers change legislation. Our market and industry knowledge ensures our clients rise above the competition.


Highwire digital is a team of expert communicators and creators. We are thinkers and doers with exceptional market and industry knowledge. We create high-quality editorial, execute cutting-edge creative and deliver exceptional social media strategy.


We work with niche consumer technology brands, helping to uncover what makes them unique and telling that story to the world. Our media and influencer connections ensure our clients' news appears where (and when) it really counts.


We've created a culture of impact and that's reflected in the industry recognition for our work and capabilities.


You need something different

We're ready to combine our expertise with your ambitions to help you reach a higher level.