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Highwire is a leading marketing and public relations agency whose strategic communications services deliver results that change perception and create business value.



Matching PR, strategic communications and digital marketing services with your mission

At Highwire we begin with the end in mind — meeting your business objectives through strategic communications. Our PR services turn ideas into action.

If your communications and marketing programs haven’t evolved with your business challenges, you need fresh thinking. You need a PR agency like Highwire.


Our marketing & PR services

Highwire is a full-service partner offering comprehensive solutions for your strategic communications and digital marketing needs. From media relations to social media strategy to corporate communications, Highwire is an award-winning marketing and PR agency for emerging and leading tech brands. Learn more about our services:


Our approach to brand journalism prioritizes valuable, informative content across owned media outlets that not only captivates readers but also builds lasting trust. Our brand journalists are adept at transforming complex data, research and context into customer-centric stories. More than just a content provider, Highwire partners with your team to drive brand awareness, reputation and growth. 


Highwire's content-driven SEO strategies are designed to ensure your website not only ranks well but becomes a valuable resource for information seekers, helping to build trust and credibility. By prioritizing reader engagement and delivering meaningful answers, Highwire's content strategies boost your brand's visibility and feed your sales funnel.


Highwire’s editorial team of former journalists create narratives that are repeatable, impactful and usable across online and offline channels — driving earned and owned results that support business goals. We excel at finding the story that will resonate with the audiences you want to reach, at managing ongoing content programs, and delivering copy that sings.

Content marketing for digital ads

Highwire’s content marketing for digital advertising connects digital advertisers with new audiences, helping to elevate your presence. We help your organization attract advertisers, deliver value and build trust by leveraging data-driven storytelling. We build content marketing plans around strategic topics that deliver value throughout the marketing funnel.

Corporate communications

From thought leadership tailored to CEOs, the development of purpose-driven initiatives or the creation of compelling corporate narratives. Highwire provides the strategic counsel and communications tools needed to ensure our clients are positioned to address the issues most critical to their businesses and the societies in which they operate.

Creative, design
and build

Highwire’s creative team leads strategy, design and execution of powerful, valuable, and impactful ideas that drive business impact for our clients. We weave insights into ideas, make ideas real, and combine creativity with strategic storytelling so our clients stand out from competitors.

Global account management

While Highwire is headquartered in the United States, our expertise is global. We ensure that success in one market can be leveraged in others and all markets are tailored with local expertise. Highwire manages global programs for more than 60% of our clients, from one or two additional regions to full coverage in EMEA, APAC and LATAM. In many cases we act as the central node in a hub-and-spoke model but we are equally effective plugging into an existing structure to drive and support a coordinated global program.


As a Platinum-tier HubSpot agency partner, Highwire is well-positioned to help you maximize your return on the HubSpot platform investment. Our fully-certified HubSpot experts build, optimize and scale the marketing stack for growing B2B technology companies. From building reliable infrastructures and organized campaigns to support for onboarding, migration, automation, analytics and everything in between, we provide tailored solutions for our clients.  


Highwire engages influencer partners through a mix of ongoing and one-off activations, including event partnerships, short form videos, written content, live broadcasts and more. We use best-in-class technology to manage influencer partnerships, and the specialist nature of our relationships means we achieve meaningful messaging and measurable impact.

Insights and analytics

Highwire uses advanced analytics and specialized data sources to plan, predict and enhance campaign effectiveness. Our services help optimize decision-making across earned, owned, social, influencer and paid marketing. Capabilities include sentiment analysis, performance monitoring, social and media listening, and ROI attribution.

Lead generation content

Highwire's lead generation packages are designed to position your brand as the go-to industry authority while delivering high-quality inbound leads. Our unique, informative content not only sets you apart but also attracts potential customers precisely when they're most receptive in the buying journey. By establishing your brand as a trusted source, we help you significantly boost your sales pipeline, attract attention, and build brand equity.

Media, influencer and AR

Highwire’s roots in business and technology combined with our understanding of the changing media, influencer and analyst landscape allows us to build programs that not only drive business goals but also deliver creativity, excitement and award-winning results. With decades of experience across a wide array of industries, we pair knowledge with data to shape impactful conversations. 

Media training and coaching

Highwire leverages seasoned communications professionals and former journalists to create custom media training sessions for executive teams. Our goal is to make sure each spokesperson is confident ahead of media opportunities and well-positioned to land the right messages with core audiences. Each session is customized with our proven best practices playbook and paired with mock interview sessions leveraging real messaging and live feedback. 

Messaging and positioning

We help you create a strong, consistent foundation and a framework for creating content that clearly, consistently and convincingly conveys your core brand messages and specific proof points across earned, owned, paid and social media. 


Highwire establishes standout reputations for clients that lead to increased sales, improved valuation and lasting business value. We proactively build trust through strategic and ongoing initiatives while working with clients to anticipate issues and crises before they happen. Highwire institutes preparedness (and response) plans across an array of industry, regulatory, privacy and data security crises.

Social media

From brand channels to executives profiles, our data-driven social media programs are designed to meet your audience where they are, with content that is relevant, perspective that resonates, and messages that reinforce key brand narratives.


Strategy underpins everything Highwire delivers on behalf of our clients. Our industry experts bring strategic thinking and decades of experience to ensure that we are developing the overarching strategy that will elevate your brand and the integrated marketing tactics that will deliver it.

Thought leadership

Transform your company into a recognized industry leader with Highwire's expertly crafted thought leadership content. Our team of content marketing specialists is dedicated to elevating your brand's profile through insightful, informative and authoritative content. We delve deep into your business, product, mission and industry to produce content that not only resonates with your audience but also elevates your brand position and showcases your unique expertise through executive profile building.

End-to-end marketing and PR

Highwire is a full-service partner offering comprehensive solutions for your strategic communications and digital marketing needs.

Assess and architect
  • Market intelligence and evaluation
  • Media analysis, search and social assessment
  • Insight development, messaging strategy, storyline and narrative
Execute and integrate
  • Media relations
  • Content creation
  • Speaking and awards
  • Web design and development
  • Distribute and engage
  • Paid social, search, display and influencer
  • Content syndication
  • Social media management and employee advocacy
Distribute and engage
  • Paid social, search, display and programmatic advertising 
  • Influencer relations
  • Content syndication
  • Social media management and employee advocacy
Measure and optimize
  • Share of voice, sentiment and message pull-through
  • Traffic, click throughs, engagement and conversion rate

Our unique difference

Our combination of fundamental experience, deep knowledge and creative insight sets us apart from other digital marketing and PR firms. Where those strands meet, you’ll find brands being elevated with relevant stories, told in compelling ways to engaged audiences.

Affinity leveraged

We are connected with high level analysts, commentators and influencers

Reputations managed

We’re trusted to protect and grow our clients’ most valuable asset

Targets identified

Before we tell your story, we track down those most likely to listen

Digital dominated

Social, earned and paid for media are supported by a strong social media strategy, influencer engagement, content marketing and interactive experiences.

Four corners covered

We partner with hand-picked, owner-managed PR agencies throughout the world, to ensure our reach is global and local

You need something different

We're ready to combine our expertise with your ambitions to help you reach a higher level.