By Samantha Saffold
on July 18, 2024
This past June, along with my colleague Haley White, I had the opportunity to attend Splunk’s .conf24 user conference in Las Vegas. This year’s conference agenda spotlighted product announcements, ...
Shevaun Betzler
By Shevaun Betzler
on July 09, 2024
AWS is synonymous with cloud computing and has solidified its position as a pioneer in security. This was evident at AWS re:Inforce 2024, where a series of groundbreaking announcements and ...
Emma Goulding
By Emma Goulding
on May 21, 2024
This month, thousands of security practitioners, CISOs, government officials, reporters, PR people (including a dozen of our own #HWCyberSquad members), and more flocked to Moscone Center in San ...
By Marissa Kelly
on April 22, 2024
It’s that time of year again! Security professionals across the U.S. are flocking to the Moscone Center in San Francisco for the annual RSA Conference, a place to celebrate the ever-changing ...
Emma Goulding
By Emma Goulding
on December 20, 2023
No one thinks it will happen to them, but data breaches and hacks are all too common. And now that the new disclosure rule from the SEC, making publicly traded companies required to disclose ...
By Mariah Gauthier
on November 29, 2023
To show just how quickly things change, the Aspen Cyber Summit was held last week, and unlike the year prior, where it wasn't mentioned once, the agenda this year was brimming with conversations ...
Tori Banser
By Tori Banser
on August 08, 2023
When the United States government founded the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) in 2018, it marked a significant step toward combating digital threats. CISA's key initiatives, ...
By Mariah Gauthier
on August 03, 2023
There are 39,000 cybersecurity companies worldwide, each competing to become a trusted source in the industries they serve. How do you stand out and demonstrate your expertise, especially when an ...
By Mariah Gauthier
on August 01, 2023
Beyond its news and editorial coverage, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) hosts quarterly virtual and in-person forums. These events capitalize on the WSJ's news team's expertise to create a space for ...
Megan Phelan
By Megan Phelan
on July 25, 2023
Halfway through 2023 and we’re seeing three cybersecurity trends dominate the conversation. How might they influence how you tell your story?