• Melissa Roxas

    Vice President

  • What’s your favorite aspect of the PR tech space?

    I will always love the storytelling that comes with the job especially when it comes to translating geeky technology into real world business value and impact.

    What’s your area of interest and expertise?

    B2B. I’m really interested in cybersecurity, AI/machine learning and big data.

    What did you do prior to Highwire?

    Prior to Highwire, I was employee number one at Inner Circle Labs. Before that, I worked at SHIFT Communications and in the nonprofit world.

    What led you to PR as a career?

    I was attracted to a career in PR because I knew that every day would be a different day. I love how it combines so many different aspects of what I love, plus its challenging! It keeps my life interesting.

    What I’m doing when I’m not working?

    I’m a new mom so I’m adjusting to life with kids which means lots of visits to the park, trips to Disneyland and researching anything and everything about my kids online. Otherwise, I love sitting in front of the TV, brunching with friends or shopping.

    Where are you from?

    I’m from the SF Bay Area and I was actually born in SF!

    What do you miss about where you’re from?

    I love everything about where I’m from (that’s why I never left. LOL).

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