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By Kim Paone on September 25, 2023

Tips to get the most out of Money20/20

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Since 2012, Money20/20 has attracted the top minds in financial services and fintech to Las Vegas for an “unparalleled experience” - it's not a stereotypical "snoozefest business conference".

With almost 13,000 attending, the show offers the chance to hear from 350 industry-leading speakers, network with attendees from over 3,000 companies and meet with a long list of press members. We've guided many of our clients through attending this one-of-a-kind event in the past. 

Hopefully the following tips, help you and your staff get the most out of your week in Las Vegas too. 

Plan your communications with event themes in mind
The organizers behind Money20/20 share a list of themes that drive the agenda. The 2023 themes are:

  • Trust & Uncertainty. Experts are expecting a major regulatory and policy reckoning with the industry, specifically around fraud and identity issues. Prepare for discussion on how companies can continue to innovate while working with the federal government on a safer future.
  • Creative Destruction & A Technical Renaissance. The divide between fintech and financial institutions has fully evaporated. A new wave of disruption is bringing cutting-edge technologies to the forefront faster than big tech companies can keep up. Expect lots of conversation around AI, machine learning and embedded finance.
  • Age of Fundamentals. Gone are the days when only growth mattered. Wall Street is showing with their wallets the importance of solid economic fundamentals. Companies need a clear path to profitability rather than just a flashy story of a successful one-of-a-kind startup. Think about how your company can learn from the Centaurs, rather than trying to strike gold as a startup unicorn.
  • It’s Time to Build (Unity). The market is moving away from bright and shiny new ideas and towards infrastructure. It’s time to focus on the unsung heroes, the people working behind the scenes to solve problems. The Infrastructure Investment Act and CHIPS and Science Acts are giving today’s builders countless opportunities to innovate.

These themes will drive the agenda and the media’s coverage of Money20/20. Plan accordingly.

If you’re coming from a large financial institution, create talking points about how your company is investing in fundamentals or innovating in the new regulatory climate. If you’re at a startup, prepare to talk about what you bring to the existing infrastructure and how you’re leveraging or integrating AI.


Create a strong story and pitch ahead
Integrating the event’s themes in your own storytelling will help you stand out in press coverage, but first, you need to nail your press conversations. Our clients have had success in the past with these strategies:

  • Come with a story. If you have an announcement or launch around Money20/20, make sure you have a compelling release, and then launch it before the conference if possible. This will prevent your story from getting buried by conference coverage and give you a hook for your press conversations.
  • Connect with the press early. Assemble a list of media expected to attend, and keep updating it. Last year, about half of the media that attended signed up the last possible week. Pitch early and stay on top of the media list for changes. (Because of our deep relationships, Highwire teams often know who to pitch regardless of when they register.) Get ahead of the last-minute crunch and pitch before.

Get organized and out there

  • Organize your schedule. Double-check your meet-up location. In previous years, there’s been some confusion on where to meet the media. Confirm whether reporters prefer to meet masked or outside for those pandemic-cautious. Cover the essentials: get cell numbers, take notes and arrive early to grab tables. Events like Money20/20 are busy and chaotic. Be kind, present and flexible.
  • Leave conference hall. Host a dinner or happy hour to get time with key reporters in a refreshing, more intimate atmosphere. Plan early but over-invite, expecting that only about half will attend.

Highwire's financial services practice
Money20/20’s take on an unpredictable 2023 (see their predictions: Who In The *F* Knows) is evident in this year's agenda, which reflects the erasure of the line between financial services and fintech, where regulators will hold companies to higher standards. 

Our financial services team can help you navigate this and all the leading finance-focused events, including helping you land key meetings and be prepared with the best story. Download our in-depth guide to Money20/20 here.

Published by Kim Paone September 25, 2023
Kim Paone