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By Jen Picardo on January 24, 2024

The role of content and creative in account-based marketing

Are your ABM campaigns harnessing the potential of tailored narratives and visuals Integrate content and creative elements for deeper engagements and stronger connections. #Storytelling #VisualMar-1

Account-based marketing (ABM) is gaining momentum as an effective approach to nurturing and converting high-value accounts. However, while tactics like personalization and targeting get a lot of attention, the power of compelling content and well-designed creative is often underestimated or overlooked within ABM strategies. 

Together, these elements:

  • Capture attention
  • Weave powerful narratives
  • Generate meaningful engagement
  • Build deeply emotional connections

When strategically combined, content and creative help support your ABM efforts and drive conversions.

How content and creative work together

Content and creative elements directly influence an ABM campaign’s success—not as islands but as parts of the same well-oiled machine. What are the exact mechanics of this combination? And how can a unified approach to content and creative significantly boost the impact of your ABM campaigns?

Collaboration must start early for integrated content and creativity to truly elevate ABM efforts. Once you’ve defined your target personas, pain points and preferences, your content and creative teams should work in tandem on asset development and campaign execution.

Content and creative pave the way for deeper engagement and more meaningful interactions when, together:

They tell a compelling story

A consistent story within your content and visuals creates a cohesive account experience. Tailored content addresses individual account challenges and builds trust through relevant solutions. Meanwhile, striking yet relevant graphics and illustrations visually reinforce campaign messaging and boost memorability.

They’re interactive and engaging

Thought-provoking content—with mentally and visually stimulating creative elements—attracts attention and promotes active engagement among accounts. This active engagement fosters the relationships and brand affinity needed for ABM success.

They’re as personalized as possible

Personalization takes content and creative impacts to the next level by catering to individual account needs and characteristics. Research shows a clear preference for personalized experiences:

Automated personalization technology helps you dynamically adjust written content and visual elements for each account. This level of relevance and customization provides the perfect foundation for forging lasting connections.

How to tailor your content

Strategically mapping content and creative to the buyer's journey ensures accounts receive the most relevant assets at each phase. 

The top of the funnel focuses on awareness with traditional thought leadership pieces and newsletters, supplemented by interactive infographics and webinars. Each asset demonstrates an account’s expertise. 

The middle of the funnel, aimed at those in the consideration phase, provides case studies, videos, quizzes and immersive experiences, such as augmented reality (AR) or virtual reality (VR). 

At the bottom of the funnel, where decisions happen, teams personalize the high-value offers and support them with interactive elements, including live demos and return on investment (ROI) calculators.

Highwire Creative in ABM Funnel

The business impact of merging content and creative in account-based marketing

Relevant, compelling and visually engaging content unlocks the power of ABM by capturing account attention and driving meaningful connections. This leads to measurable gains in engagement, conversion rates and revenue generation. 

  • Engagement and conversion rates: Robust ABM strategies using the power of content and creative elevate engagement and conversion rates. For instance, ABM campaigns have significantly improved engagement rates over traditional marketing efforts.
  • Revenue generation: Furthermore, ABM can substantially impact revenue generation and customer retention, underscoring its importance as a revenue driver.

Consider these additional stats:

Integrating content and creative establishes deeper account relationships. When you add hyper-personalization, it becomes a pillar of any data-driven ABM strategy—one that delivers business growth by transforming accounts into loyal advocates.

How Highwire can help

Do you want to refine your ABM strategies with expertly crafted content and creative assets? Highwire is ready to amplify your brand’s story with experienced narrative insights and visual design expertise. Contact us today to get started. 

Published by Jen Picardo January 24, 2024
Jen Picardo