By Dallas Gordon on April 24, 2023

RSA Conference: 7 reporters to follow

Keep up to date on breaking news, panel and keynote discussions, and all things RSA

Tomorrow kicks off RSA Conference 2023 — the world’s premier cybersecurity event, being held April 24-27 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco. For 31 years, RSA has been the ultimate source for the latest insights and intelligence to help cybersecurity professionals strengthen their careers and organizations. While last year’s conference shed light on important topics like API security and extended detection and response, this year's theme is “Stronger Together” and the schedule features hundreds of sessions on various cybersecurity topics like fraud prevention, cloud security, and advanced threats. Odds are Ukraine vs Russia, SBOMs,  and Ransomware will be hot topics. You can expect to hear some buzz about AI, too. 

RSA Conference is expected to bring us new technologies and the latest security headlines. Whether you’re heading to San Francisco to attend the RSA Conference or planning to catch the highlights from home, we recommend you follow these seven reporters for real-time updates on breaking news.

Reporter 1: James Rundle, reporter at the WSJ 

Why Highwire follows: James focuses on the people, innovation and business of cybersecurity. His commitment to security is evident in his comprehensive reporting.

James Rundle is a reporter at The Wall Street Journal reporter covering the cybersecurity industry, national cyber policy and privacy. His stories often focus on the people behind the headlines, such as those who respond to cyberattacks, the lawmakers defining a new era of rules for companies, and those who fall victim to criminals and nation-states. He writes frequently about the evolving industries involved in cybersecurity, including the tech companies use to defend against hackers, the insurance they buy to protect themselves, and the money involved in all of it. James joined the Journal in 2019, after covering financial regulation, markets and technology for over a decade for Dow Jones & Co. and other publishers. Originally from London, he is now in New York.

Check out James' recent articles:

Reporter 2: Lily Hay Newman, Senior Writer, WIRED

Why Highwire follows: Lily's unique perspective uncovers some of the best untold stories of cybersecurity defenders and the broader community.

NYC-based Lily Hay Newman has been a Security Reporter at WIRED for nearly seven years. Prior to her role at WIRED, Lily worked as a technology reporter at Slate Magazine. Her work has been featured in publications like Gizmodo, Fast Company, IEEE Spectrum, and Popular Mechanics.

Follow Lily on Twitter and Mastodon.

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Reporter 3: Tim Starks, Author, Reporter, The Washington Post

Why Highwire follows: Tim is known for his deep expertise in the intersection of security and policy. We strongly advise subscribing to the Cybersecurity 202 newsletter for Tim’s value-packed updates.

Tim Starks has been writing for The Washington Post’s Cybersecurity 202 for nearly a year and was previously senior editor at CyberScoop. He also ran Politico's cybersecurity newsletter and reported for CQ Roll Call, the New York Sun and the Evansville Courier & Press. His work has been featured in the Economist, the New Republic, Foreign Policy, the Guardian, the Chicago Tribune, the Las Vegas Review-Journal, Deutsche Welle and Ring Magazine. Tim’s writing and editing have earned him many notable journalistic awards.

Hailing from Evansville, Indiana, Tim currently resides in Washington, D.C. with his cat — Dr. Julius "Jules" Jonas Jonah Jameson.

Follow Tim on Twitter and Mastodon to keep updated on what you need to know.

Reporter 4: Jamie Tarabay, Reporter, Bloomberg

Why Highwire follows: Jaime's storytelling of large cyberattacks including SolarWinds and JBS, where she gave critical information to readers on what they should be aware of. Given her expertise in breaking cybersecurity news cycles in Asia Pacific, Jamie provides key insights into an important market.

Jamie Tarabay has covered cybersecurity across the Asia Pacific region for Bloomberg for more than three years. She’s been involved in the global coverage of cyber espionage and sabotage and cyberattacks including SolarWinds, the JBS and Colonial Pipeline hacks and others.

In her 20+ year career as a reporter and editor, Jamie’s covered hard-hitting topics like conflicts in the Middle East and Southeast Asia, environmental disasters, racial violence and elections. She was previously a correspondent for the New York Times, and has received awards for her coverage of the Iraq war and the protests in Ferguson.

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Check out Jamie’s recent articles:

Catch Jamie’s Upcoming RSA SessionBloomberg’s Foundering: The John McAfee Story - Live

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Reporter 5: Bree Fowler, Writer, CNET

Why Highwire follows: Bree is on top of the latest breaking cybersecurity news cycles and ensures her readers have the latest information to know how to stay safe.

Bree Fowler is a Senior Cybersecurity and Digital Privacy writer for CNET. Bree has covered topics like election security and the national security implications of the war in Ukraine. She represents CNET on TV as an analyst offering advice on digital security and privacy.

Before joining CNET, Bree reported for the Associated Press and Consumer Reports. A Michigan native, she loves baking over-the-top birthday cakes and all things sourdough.

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Check out Bree’s recent work:

Reporter 6: Christian Vasquez, CyberScoop 

Why Highwire follows: Christian has thorough breakdowns of what CyberScoop readers need to know when it comes to the most important cyber stories.

Christian Vasquez covers industrial cybersecurity for CyberScoop News. Prior to his role at CyberScoop, Christian wrote for E&E News and POLITICO where he covered cybersecurity in the energy sector. Prior to that, Christian was a cybersecurity intern during the 2018 election. He’s currently based in Washington, D.C. 

Follow Christian on Twitter and check out his website.

Read his recent articles:

Reporter 7: Mark Albertson, Senior Writer, SiliconANGLE

Why Highwire follows: Mark's extensive experience translates into the most in-depth tech stories.

Mark Albertson is an experienced technology writer having spent over seven years at SiliconANGLE, where he’s a Senior Writer for theCUBE — SiliconANGLE Media’s live-streaming studio. He’s been recognized by Onalytica as a “Who's Who In Cloud Influencer" and was also named to Peerlyst’s  “24 Powerful Cybersecurity Journalists.” 

Mark wrote for the San Francisco Examiner, Blasting News and CBS-Bay Area prior to his role at SiliconANGLE.

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Check out his recent articles:

And listen to Mark’s RSA episode of Inside the Media Minds.

Stay Connected

Chock full of industry expert-led sessions, RSA Conference is the event where the world of cybersecurity comes together to share, network and learn about new technologies and solutions. Cybersecurity is more crucial than ever, and it’s important to be a part of the conversation and work together as a community to keep evolving against cybersecurity threats.

These seven reporters are our top picks to help you keep up with all things cybersecurity, from RSA and beyond. 

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Published by Dallas Gordon April 24, 2023