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Reaching Your Audience at the First-Ever Virtual Black Hat

Black Hat is going fully virtual this year, which means attendees will miss out on the late night networking at parties and hallway conversations on the latest major research and industry rumors (but maybe not the swarm of grasshoppers that took over Vegas last year). With companies no longer able to tap into the in-person networking opportunities with potential customers and media, the need to get creative to engage with your core audience has never been more important.

Our Highwire #CyberSquad dug into opportunities that will still allow security companies to make a splash through sponsored media interviews, allowing organizations to reach their key audiences and buyers without braving the desert heat in August.

Here are a handful of sponsored opportunities at  Black Hat 2020 to build connections and elevate your thought leadership with your target audience:

  • Dark Reading is back with its video “News Desk.” Without filming in person, Dark Reading is still providing vendors the opportunity to schedule a 10-minute video interview segment, (recorded in the comfort of your own home)to detail their company news, research and key industry trends. The interview is then edited into a 2-5 minute video clip for further promotion on Dark Reading. The cost to support this engagement ranges from $8-14,500 depending on your desired sponsorship package.
  • Security Weekly is hosting virtual podcasts as part of an event they’re calling “Hacker Summer Camp 2020” that will take place the week of Black Hat (Aug. 3 – Aug. 6). Taking advantage of this new remote format, Security Weekly is live-streaming these podcast interviews over the course of four full days. Morning interviews are $2,500 (10-15 minutes) and the longer evening interviews (30-45 minutes) are $4-6,000 depending on the day of the week.
  • The Security Ledger podcast is offering sponsors a dedicated 10-15 minute interview segment as well as sponsor recognition at introduction, midway and conclusion of the Black Hat episode of the podcast. This branding opportunity is $3,000 and includes: Exclusive sponsorship of show-opener podcast the week of BlackHat and brand promotion on Security Ledger’s site. Their traditional sponsored opportunities are also still available and can be timed around the conference (i.e. one week before or after).
  • ITSP Magazine is currently offering sponsored podcasts during Black Hat, which will connect listeners with organizers and keynote speakers. This sponsored option costs around $500.
  • Security Guy TV is creating 10-minute video and podcast interviews with security professionals about any desired topic, product, service or security solution. The interview will play live during the Black Hat conference and will be promoted on LinkedIn to their 29,000 followers, as well as other social media platforms for $150 per interview. Interviews can be booked here.

Despite not being able to network in person with key publications and reporters at the show, these virtual sponsored opportunities can help your business reach a core audience of security professionals and decision makers, and provide another layer of connecting during this year’s conference. 

Are you a security company interested in boosting your thought leadership at the conference? If you’re interested in discussing one of the sponsored media opportunities listed above, or discussing your overarching Black Hat strategy, please reach out to

Are you a publication offering an opportunity that we left out? We’re sorry we missed you! Reach out to and we’ll get you added to our list. 

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Published by Admin July 22, 2020