Denise Jocson & humpty dumpty

Denise Jocson

I am a VP, Creative who needs color, patterns and the sun to feel whole. I enjoy collaborating with businesses that value exceptional design and its influence on innovation.

6 questions with a Highwire VP, Creative

Boston-born and Miami-raised, Denise brings her flair for colors and culture to Highwire!

What's your area of interest and expertise?

Someone once said I am great at showing people what they didn't even know they wanted. Creativity takes different forms but always returns to one central concept or platform, and you better believe it impacts business. Here at Highwire, we take your brand and punch some holes through those rigid corners because we want you to see bigger. We work hard on design systems, content design, video, motion, websites, social campaign ideation, email marketing, and lead generation pages; you name it, we've probably done it. While we do all that, we act as true partners in fueling your brand with in-house creative teams and protecting its core integrity.

What did you do before Highwire?

I've always worked in the creative industry in-house and within creative agencies, from Junior Designer to Creative Director. I've touched many industries in hospitality, entertainment, restaurants, beauty, sports nutrition, professional services, wellness, and so on. From startup to corporation, I've had the privilege to be part of 360-degree projects on anything from product to environmental graphic design to web experiences. I enjoy working on an eclectic portfolio of clients or project types that impact a customer's ability to trust in a brand and continue to go back for more.

What led you to Creative as a career?

It’s the only thing I ever wanted to do. Being a Creative is inherently part of me. In fact, as a kid, I preferred Crayola gifts over Barbie any day. Nothing felt better than stealing a ream of paper from my older brother and lying on the cold tile floor to create something new.

What work makes you most proud?

I'm most proud of work that feels like a steep climb from start to finish. Typically, it's a massive octopus campaign with all these intriguing components that really bring our integrated team together. It's the best feeling when I see team members and clients glow after receiving praise for their work on these campaigns because you know you were part of the leap. It's a moment when you realize that you achieved something big in lockstep together and a moment that sometimes we can inadvertently race past. I love seeing people grow. I genuinely think we only grow when we collaborate.

If you weren't working in visual marketing, what would you be doing instead?

If I weren't in visual marketing, I'd be in some other form of design, most likely interior design or textiles.

Where are you from?
I'm Boston-born (Cambridge and Somerville, heeey!) and Miami-raised. I am proud to say that I am a first-generation Latina of Dominican parents. Much like my Spotify playlists, Miami is a steamy, delicious dip of culture, and every layer you discover is entirely unlike the other. But the magic of South Florida lies in its people, people from everywhere all over the world with distinct stories, tastes, languages and experiences that contribute to a community, and I think that's beautiful.

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