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Highwire Public Relations™ delivers PR results that create business value.

As your PR partner, we are an extension of your marketing team. Campaigns and programs are developed and executed in alignment with your business objectives and challenges. We are a full service agency offering comprehensive programs for your communications needs.

Messaging and
Positioning —

Defining and telling your unique story.

You want your messaging to build brand equity. Highwire utilizes a powerful methodology to help our clients successfully navigate through the confusion of overused terms, hype cycles and chaotic markets to develop concise, powerful positioning.

Media, Influencer and
Analyst Relations —

Connecting with the right people.

Our years of experience in journalism and PR enable us to develop story ideas that balance editorial relevance and broad market appeal. We enjoy close working relationships with the media, influencer and analyst communities and have earned a reputation for creating campaigns that present the interests of our clients within compelling storylines.

Digital Studio —

Integrated communications programs based on strategic storytelling.

Your key audiences are influenced in a variety of ways. Highwire defines themes that resonate with those individuals by understanding their personas and mindsets. We then craft programs to reach your audiences by incorporating appropriate and thoughtfully considered marketing and communications strategies and tactics, from earned and social media to content marketing, influencer marketing and interactive experiences. We measure against your business goals to enhance or improve our campaigns.

Global Account
Management —

Connecting to create worldwide impact.

We are proud to be part of the Brands2Life Global Network of international, owner-managed PR agencies. Our international collaboration encourages the shared values of strategy and content development, storytelling and evaluation.

Media Training
and Coaching —

Refining your message and delivery.

We teach you to meet the press with confidence and equip you with the skills to communicate effectively with the media.

Management —

Preparing for, navigating through and recovering from a crisis.

From security breaches to policing a platform to an unwanted tweet from the president - it is important to have a solid, well rehearsed plan in place for the worst case scenarios. And if the worst should occur, you want to have an experienced team of crisis experts on your side to help you navigate the storm and move forward to solidify the company’s reputation.

Highwire Healthcare —

Leveraging deep expertise in digital health and medtech markets to elevate your story.

Our team’s deep understanding of the digital health landscape and its players arms Highwire Healthcare with the necessary tools to deliver results that drive business value through strategic, always-on communications. From challenging the status quo in primary care, to establishing new treatment pathways for coronary heart disease and type II diabetes, to supporting our telehealth and remote care partners amid the COVID-19 pandemic, Highwire Healthcare knows how to tell your story, to the right audiences, at the right time and in the right way.

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