High-Lights: Our Tech PR POV

Time to Stand Together

Hashtag black lives matterThe protests over the past few days, in response to the horrific murder of George Floyd, mean we start our week more uncertain than ever about what our shared future will bring. 

This is a time for cohesion, not division. For action, not silence. For support, not neglect. And for all of those things to transcend race, religion, gender, identity and nationality. We must pay attention to the deep divisions within our society, and work together to heal them.

We also have a responsibility to listen. 

Now is the time to understand each other more than ever, and recognize the differences which make our society strong in the face of adversity.

We must collectively embrace anti-racism and work to stamp out white supremacy. Silence is not an option.

We need our elected leaders to step up and provide strength through unity, not stoke the fires of division. 

We encourage brands to show leadership in diversity, inclusion and equality, and to actively support the eradication of racial injustice. And we must hold ourselves as an agency to the same standard. 

This morning we provided guidance to our clients on their own response to this weekend’s division and violence, encouraging them to hit pause on the status quo and instead focus efforts on a unified response to the current crisis.

We encourage our team to take time and space to care for themselves and their communities and to share with us the organizations they are supporting, the actions they are taking and how we can help.

There is much work to be done and while we all have our individual reactions today, there is greater power in coming together to listen and discuss, and stand together as we move forward.