High-Lights: Our Tech PR POV

The four things you must do to get the best video conferencing results

Home photo studioWe’re all going to be spending a lot more time doing video calls from home, it’s worth putting in the time and effort to get the best video conferencing setup. Sitting on a comfortable chair, at a sturdy desk, looking at a good quality monitor is no longer enough. Getting your home video conferencing setup right can make a big difference to you and your brand. Particularly if you’re engaging customers, conducting media interviews or producing webinar content from home. These tips will help you get the best video conferencing setup. 

Start with the Camera

Most people have a good quality camera built into their laptops. If you’re not putting out HD quality footage, consider investing in a camera that does. Depending on the kind of lighting you’re going to use, a Logitech Brio is a good first step for an external webcam. If you’re going to use a ring-light (helpful if you’re planning to do broadcast interviews) then look for a camera with a shoe mount, such as the Logitech Stream Cam

Sound that will get you listened to

One of the best investments get the best video conferencing quality is a condenser microphone. If you’re not willing to spend a couple of hundred dollars on something from Rode, then the Snowball Ice comes highly recommended. Alternatively, we’re also big fans of the Jabra Speak 510 which doubles as a microphone and a speaker. 

Lighting up your presence

Follow the stage rules for a basic three-light configuration consisting of a key light, fill light and backlight. The key light is the focus and the one you need shining at your face and with the highest strength. At approximately half the strength of your key light comes a fill light, which will help remove shadows. The backlight helps to even out the entire scene and introduce some highlights on your head and shoulders, making sure you look your best on video conferences. 

Invest in some proper lights if you’re doing a lot of video with customers or prospects. Look at a GVM ring light paired with a shoe-mount camera to act as your key light. Neewer stage lights can complement to act as your fill and background lights, or skip the ring light and use each Neewer as your key and fill lights. 

Getting the best video will make a big difference in how colleagues, customers, and prospects respond to you. Oh, and keep some foundation nearby.

Don’t clutter your background 

If you don’t have a blank wall to work with, consider ordering a personal background with a solid color that works well and ideally, fits with your brand. Grab a backdrop holder and pair it with a colored backdrop for less than $50 and you’ll transform your setting to studio quality.

Getting it right

Building a home studio setup takes some work and a level of investment. It’s worth the investment to make sure your executives represent your brand on screen. Sales and marketing teams will get better engagement if they look and sounds their best.

Nailing your home setup doesn’t need to be complex – invest a little in getting sound, light and camera right and you’ll have a big impact. We’re happy to help.