• Misty Holbert

    Vice President

  • What are your focus areas?

    I focus on enterprise-wide digital transformations with leading organizations within the public and private sectors.

    What’s your notable work experience prior to coming to Highwire?

    My experience spans industries and sectors. With communications experience at leading Fortune 500 companies and at global and boutique agencies, I’ve developed and implemented executive thought leadership, media relations, public relations and influencer programs that have garnered top-tier media attention and built brand loyalty for clients in the commercial, federal government, hospitality and lifestyle spaces. I have a passion for storytelling, curiosity for new media platforms and crave the opportunity to distill the technical into possibilities to showcase the impact of true innovation on the greater good.

    What got you into this business in the first place?

    One of my first jobs after college was in the HR department at a global PR agency. In this role, I interviewed candidates, helped implement the intern program and became a trusted advisor to the PR professionals that I supported. About a year into the role, I was given the opportunity to take on a new position but on the PR side. I jumped at the chance to learn a new side of the business and have never looked back since.

    What was your finest moment, the thing you’re most proud of?

    Growing up in a military family people always assume that you’ll follow in the footsteps of your parents. At an early age, I knew my career path would lead me to communications or advertising. It wasn’t until a few years ago when I realized that my career journey had come to a full life circle. During this time I was working at a global management and technology firm where I was leading the media program for the firm’s directed energy business. I had the pleasure of working with an executive overseeing this key business who just happened to also be a retired general. In our work together, we elevated the discussion around the battlefield of the future and how to equip today’s warfighters with advanced technologies needed to keep our nation safe. As a result, I implemented the firm’s first thought leadership campaign in this space which resulted in piloting and implementing an omni-channel story sourcing program, leading and directing the development of a directed energy 101 multimedia video and facilitating an exclusive media briefing with tier one and defense reporters. At this moment, I thought of my parents’ time in basic training, proudly wearing their camouflaged uniforms as I metaphorically stepped into their shoes to imagine today’s soldiers and how to protect them on and off the battlefield. To serve with my words and bring awareness to how technology can serve our country for good are the kinds of projects that I am honored to lend my storytelling talents to make the world a better place.

    What was growing up like for you?

    I’m a product of an Army Colonel and Army Lt. Colonel. So you can say that I grew up in the Army by default. Originally from Oklahoma City, OK my parents’ commitment to service took us to San Antonio, TX and Virginia Beach, VA before we settled permanently in Northern Virginia. Being able to be part of different communities and adapt to new environments quickly allowed me to appreciate the commonalities across cultures.

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