• Meredith Klee

    Vice President

  • What’s your favorite aspect of the PR tech space?

    Tech PR is the most interesting to me because there’s an actual story to tell. Don’t get me wrong — consumer PR is fun and exciting — but with consumer tech, you have to be creative while also being a font of knowledge on your partner’s story and technology. It’s cool being in an industry that’s on the bleeding edge of shaping how we learn, work and communicate — and even cooler being the one to turn those narratives into something that’s digestible for a mainstream audience. It’s also exciting because I feel like I’m constantly learning and being challenged which makes the job all the more fulfilling.

    What’s your area of interest and expertise?

    I’ve been lucky enough to dabble in a number of industries over my years in PR. When I started, apps were just taking off so mobile was a big area of expertise. Over time that shifted from software to hardware and crowdfunded campaigns and now we’re in an all-things-AI phase. Being able to ride the tech ride over the years has made me an expert in big areas like AI, machine learning and robotics, and also a specialist in some niche areas like agriculture, blockchain, chatbots, etc.

    What did you do prior to Highwire?

    I started my PR career at a boutique firm called Inner Circle Labs. I started as an Associate and worked my way up to Vice President over my seven years there. At ICLabs I worked with some amazing partners, media and mentors and had incredible experiences — from launching all sorts of new companies to announcing massive funding rounds and seeing partners through 4 big acquisitions. In January 2018, Highwire acquired Inner Circle Labs and my new chapter at Highwire began.

    What led you to PR as a career?

    I went to school at CU Boulder for broadcast news where my dream was always to be a meteorologist. After a stint in broadcast, I decided it wasn’t my true passion and chose to pursue the other side of broadcast journalism — pitching the reporter rather than being the reporter. I switched gears and worked in marketing & communications for the City & Mayor of Denver, where I launched Denver B-Cycle (the first bike sharing program). After the success of that program, I packed up and moved to San Francisco in 2010 to join a small PR firm time called Inner Circle Labs. I was at ICLabs for over seven years until we were acquired by Highwire in January 2018. It’s been a ride!

    What I’m doing when I’m not working?

    What day of the week is it? Spin is my post-work medicine, and sometimes so is a nice gin gibson. On the weekends, I love a good brunch, a good squad hang and escaping for the day to explore new places. I also try to get to the beach or travel to a tropical spot as often as I can.

    Where are you from?

    A suburb of Denver, Colorado.

    What do you miss about where you’re from?

    I miss the mountains and the seasons — not necessarily the snow but definitely the crisp beautiful fall and warm summer heat. And my friends and family of course.

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