• Ken Bruno

    Vice President

  • What’s the one thing you really enjoy doing?
    I like taking complex technical stories and making them palatable for business audiences.

    What is your area of professional expertise in Public Relations?
    I’m passionate about both enterprise and marketing tech. I’ve spent the majority of my career working with major enterprise players such as Rubrik, Pure Storage and Dell EMC plus and martech players like Sprinklr.

    What did you do before you came to Highwire PR?
    I worked at another agency, Access, where I co-led the Dell EMC product and corporate business with fellow Highwire VP Joe Ferrary.

    What work makes you most proud?
    While I appreciate acknowledgement for a job well done, my favorite kind of work is that which gets employees at the companies I represent excited. Seeing employees proudly socializing articles that my team secured makes me happier than anything else.

    What led you to PR as a career?
    I started my career as a reporter for the Forbes CMO Network in 2010, but I was excited at the proposition of telling and shaping stories from the other side of the coin.

    If you weren’t working in PR, what would you be doing instead?

    I would be a wedding DJ or karaoke host.

    Where are you from?
    Bay Ridge, Brooklyn, NY.

    What’s one thing you miss about where you’re from?
    The pizza. Everyone needs to have a slice of Brooklyn pizza once in their lives.

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