• James Beechinor-Collins

    EVP, Digital

  • James Beechinor-Collins
  • Tell us about yourself

    Growing up, magazines spoke to me in a unique way. They opened up my world. Gave me a sense of community and taught me that words and pictures are a powerful way to share stories. 

    My entire career has been devoted to creating content that captivates audiences. It started with magazines as a designer and editor, transitioned into content marketing as an agency owner and spread onto social as a digital leader. 

    My greatest satisfaction comes from creating something people want to consume – nothing beats seeing someone reading a magazine you agonized over, commenting on a blog post you wrote or engaging with a social campaign you helped conceive. 

    We have enormous opportunity to give audiences new reasons to convene around shared interests and passions. My job is to help bring those opportunities to life.

    What are your focus areas

    Together with James, I lead the digital team at Highwire. We combine strategy, content and creative to tell great stories on behalf of the brands we work with. Our programs and campaigns work hand in hand with our PR colleagues – we integrate our teams to create better journeys for the audiences we seek to engage. Whether that’s driving awareness with PR and influencer, or consideration with owned content and social programs through to conversion with dedicated landing pages and interactive experiences.

    Do you have a method for coming up with ideas and solutions for clients?

    James Webb Young wrote a book 80 years ago called A Technique for Producing Ideas. Its five step process is a tried and tested way to generate ideas and my go-to approach when I need to find a new perspective. Born in the 1800s, Young was an influential leader at the ad agency, J Walter Thompson. Although he died the year I was born, his thesis for idea generation remains fresh.

    What was growing up like for you?

    Cycling is a huge part of my life starting from a young age, it defined my childhood and teenage years. I grew up in Ireland and if I wasn’t racing bikes I was fixing them, selling them or reading magazines about them. I joined the Irish diaspora at the age of 17, moving to England to study Graphic Design (the move to New York came in 2015). 

    Tell us about your pets.

    Paddy is a cockapoo and a real character. He’s our COVID puppy but it already feels like he’s been with us forever. He’ll come with me on the bike when we go to the store or the park.

    What do you do for a good time when you’re not working?

    Hang out with my wife (and childhood sweetheart), Rhona, and our three kids. When that gets too much for them, I ride my bike. Cycling gives me a sense of freedom, adventure and (on fast downhills) exhilaration. And of course, I enjoy magazines.

    James Beechinor-Collins

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