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State of the Media Landscape: Cybersecurity Edition

What Black Hat 2019 means for Cybersecurity in 2020

Cybersecurity has never been more important and it has become clear the security community needs and wants more collaboration and communication. From bug bounties and IoT to election security and diversity & inclusion, the industry is evolving and the role of communications is expanding.

At Highwire, we’ve built a dedicated cybersecurity practice with passionate, curious and accomplished team members driving results for our clients. We work with leading companies to uncover creative cybersecurity and tech storylines, and establish unique narratives and voices within those storylines that we showcase in different ways such as conversations with press to earn strategic media placements, collaborations with industry influencers and creative campaigns on social media.

That’s why we were at Black Hat 2019 — we sent a team to support our 14 cyber clients, interact with industry professionals, be active and passionate members of the information security community, and uncover emerging storylines. 

This report details the top trends that we observed at Black Hat 2019 – from industry influencers and reporters to enterprise decision-makers  – as well as a guide to harnessing these trends to not only have the most successful trade show presence in 2020, but also to leverage for broader influence with marketing and PR campaigns. 

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