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State of Media Report: AI Edition

Artificial intelligence “AI,” is one of the most talked about topics in the media today. In fact, according to data from TechNews, since January, there have been an average of 4,000 articles per month that mention AI. From the role AI is playing in helping autonomous vehicles make decisions in milliseconds to how it is providing recommendations to healthcare providers about potentially life saving treatment options to all of the “boring” AI uses in between, we read about and engage with AI on a daily basis. 

However, with all of the buzz that AI is creating, there are some areas of concern including the ethical debate surrounding AI and whether or not AI will take jobs away. Additionally, it is becoming increasingly difficult for organizations to cut through the noise the topic of AI is creating. While there is a fantastic group of journalists and influencers who cover AI, they are inundated with pitches, news and other information from companies trying to stand out as a leading authority in the space.

We work with our clients on a daily basis to uncover the unique AI storylines – ranging from cutting edge research on key advancements within the field of AI to use cases driving real world business results – and determine the best integrated approach for telling those stories. We’ve landed top tier placements with tier-one business press, collaborated with AI influencers to amplify messages to target audiences and executed creative campaigns across various social media platforms to position our clients are experts in this field. 

We are on top of key trends in AI and speak with the top reporters in this space daily and that’s why we created this Media Insights AI edition report. This report will detail the top trends currently being discussed in the media related to AI, the top AI reporters and influencers and what organizations can do in order to stand out amongst the crowd. 

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