High-Lights: Our Tech PR POV

PR to the Rescue for Digital Content

The evaluators, buyers and users of innovative technologies, healthcare services and consumer products are consuming digital content while they work and entertain their families from home. The digital content is vital to vendor marketing strategies, and based merely on a survey of Highwire clients, many companies are right now evaluating the content they create and promote. 

PR professionals have always called themselves storytellers. For innovators, their skill set allows them to connect their clients’ offerings to the needs and states of the world. The opportunity now for PR is to create fascinating digital content that builds interest in goods and services, relates to emerging trends to inform, and shows empathy and compassion for how dramatically our world has changed.

What will emerge are new best practices for digital content and digital experiences and how they aid marketing efforts. 

A new video interview, embedded later in this post, discusses the role of digital content with Tim Washer, a storyteller who has worked for major tech brands to define their stories. 

Tim’s impact on my thinking regarding high-quality content started back in 2012, when he previewed a Cisco project, The Network Effect, at a MarketingProfs concert in Seattle. The indelible story of a shack in Africa that served as the link to the world for a small village demonstrated to me how exceptional content can tell an emotional story even for B2B technology companies. 

Tim is also very funny, and today he gives presentations to corporate audiences. My roughly 15-minute chat is available in this post as well as on Highwire PR’s YouTube channel.

The video interview is the latest episode in Highwire’s series “PR: Forever Changed” that investigates how PR for innovative companies, including those in healthcare, security, enterprise software, financial services, and consumer markets, has dramatically shifted in 2020. You can subscribe to the Highwire PR YouTube channel to be alerted to upcoming episodes.