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PR to Support the 24/7 Coronavirus News Cycle

The coronavirus health crisis has had an impact on every aspect of our lives in recent months. Imagine you are the editor of a publication written for those that work in healthcare. The impact in their virtual newsroom has been especially profound. 

As editor in chief at HIMSS media, Jonah Comstock is working through the new normal for the teams at his publications, which include MobiHealthNews, Healthcare Finance and Healthcare IT News. His summary of the news landscape right now: Even if the topic of a story is not COVID-19… it really is.

Comstock recently sat down virtually with me to discuss the current state of his editorial team and how PR people should evaluate and approach editors like him. Hint: Everyone thinks their technology is a vital solution to the current coronavirus-driven health IT challenges. 

You can watch the roughly ten-minute video interview embedded below. 

The video interview is the latest episode in Highwire’s series “PR: Forever Changed” that investigates how PR for innovative companies, including those in healthcare, security, enterprise software, financial services, and consumer markets, has dramatically shifted in 2020. You can subscribe to the Highwire PR YouTube channel to be alerted to upcoming episodes.