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No News? No Problem

Tips for Driving for Driving Press Coverage On and Off the News Cycle

Just because you don’t have hard news doesn’t mean you can’t be active in the news cycle. By creating your own news team and developing a unique and compelling point of view, you can generate a steady cadence of news and relevant commentary between major events like funding, product launches or new hires.

Write the article you want to read. Contributed articles are a great way to gain executive visibility and brand awareness—plugging you directly into top tier publications. Not only does it build a reputation for your executives it also allows the company to strengthen its brand voice with a strong stance or opinions on topical industry happenings. To gain even great visibility, be sure to amplify and distribute these contributed pieces via your social channels.

For best results, ensure your approach is tailored. Identify three top trends that matter for your business and develop a unique and compelling point of view on each subject. This is helpful beyond editorials because social media and positive media relationships can be leveraged to insert your company’s voice into bigger industry news. More importantly, in addition to a unique perspective, timeliness is key, so create an editorial calendar with expected news cycles you can tap into.

Lastly, you have to make the information and insights from your organization work harder. If you have recurring data releases or research, turn that into a quarterly campaign that hits home with broader market trends. If there’s a unique, creative element to your company, use it as a way to gain attention and build relationships with revered journalist. Media relationships can go a long way when the news front is quiet. For examples of this approach in action, check out our recent SlideShare:

In all, the takeaway is simple. Don’t depend on expected news, create your own. Be in the driver’s seat of your company’s story.

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