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Mental Health Awareness: Four Tips to Support Your Whole Self

May is Mental Health Awareness month which has been celebrated in the U.S. since 1949 making this year it’s 70th anniversary. This month aims to raise awareness about mental health issues, to advocate for equal care, and provide support to those in need. In honor of this month’s objective, it’s important to remain present, check-in to spread awareness and support your whole self. Below you’ll find a list of easy-to-follow tips that can help you achieve that.

Tip #1 : Focus

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, focus on one goal in the next two minutes — don’t think about the rest of the day —  and then rinse and repeat.

Tip #2: Move

If you find stress or anxiety creeping in and crippling your day — it might be time to give your mind a rest and move your body.

The inextricable link between exercise and improved mental health is well-documented. But recent research shows that more exercise doesn’t necessarily equal better mental health. A quick burst of activity goes a long way. Here are a few ways to get your mind and body moving:

  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Running
  • Yoga

Tip #3: Meditate

Meditation is an approach to training the mind, similar to the way that fitness trains the body. Benefits include improved concentration, relaxation, lessened anxiety, lower blood pressure and heart rate, along with overall feelings of well-being. Are you a beginner at meditation? Here is an easy-to-follow video that shows you how to start.

Tip #4: Disconnect

We’re in the digital age where social media is everywhere and hard to avoid. This “always on” mentality can have a negative impact on both your mental health and overall productivity so practice a mini-detox. A few examples of this include:

  1. X out of all the apps (bonus points if you delete them from your phone)
  2. Track your app usage: If you’re an iPhone user you can use this feature to track your app usage.
  3. Place time limits on the apps you use: Expanding on tip two – you can actually place time limits on the apps you use.

As Mental Health Awareness month comes to a close, we hope the above tips provide a sense of relief in your day-to-day. It’s also important to note that mental well-being and checking in with yourself should always be a 365-day priority.