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Meet the Furry Friends of Highwire

It’s no secret that Highwire is a pet-friendly place, and in honor of National Pet Week, we’re dedicating a blog to some of our favorite furry (and not so furry) friends.

If these cute faces have you itching for a companion of your own, you can use Shelter Pal to find the perfect shelter pet near you who is ready to be rescued. Just text ‘Shelter Me’ to 980-477-3728 — Artificial intelligence and image recognition powered by Twilio will help match your lifestyle with the perfect pet!

Meet a few of our best friends: 


Olive Besa-Kallens Wolfson

Instagram Handle: @oliveinmypocket

City: Albany, CA

Hobbies: Eating books and pretending to read them

Highwire Human: Ben Wolfson




Amaebi & Domino

City: Daly City, CA

Hobbies: Eating and maintaining my big-girl status (Amaebi); sneaking into the bed at night to cuddle with my humans (Domino)

Highwire Human: Amy Tsui



Gup & Farfalle Carrubba

Instagram Handle: @farfallethepup

City: San Francisco

Hobbies: Frog-dogging in the sun, snoring loudly, bringing joy to everyone I meet (Farf); Hanging out with my boy and figuring out how my crazy long legs and paws work (Gup)

Highwire Human: Carol Carrubba



Winston Wrinkles Hagenmedia-20170508-3

Instagram Handle: @winston_the_frenchton

City: Chicago

Hobbies: Procuring socks, enjoying fine cheeses,
going on
long walks and being carried home from them

Highwire Human: Natalie Pacini



Ella Farrellmedia-20170508-4

City: New York City

Hobbies: Playing fetch and eating tuna

Highwire Human: Margaret Farrell






Rosie Manganmedia-20170508-5

City: Danville, CA

Hobbies: Long walks in the suburbs and identifying new pillows to sleep on

Highwire Human: Natalie Mangan




Peppa GagliardiGG (1)

City: North Caldwell, NJ

Hobbies: Hide-and-seek on my own terms

Highwire Human: Gia Gagliardi







Maxx PlatiFullSizeRender

Instagram Hashtag: #maxxthehuman

City: Chicago

Hobbies: Eating acorns and chasing squirrels

Highwire Human: Nicole Plati




Hendrix Polar Torresmedia-20170508-1

City: El Sobrante, CA

Hobbies: Playing in water, helping with yard work (sticks involved), and steering clear of doorstops (scary)

Highwire Human: Andrea Torres






Baz Khya & RodeoScreen Shot 2017-05-08 at 12.34.04 PM

: New York City

Hobbies: Hoarding trash (Baz Khya); lying in the snow and wrestling (Rodeo)

Highwire Human
: Natalie Tijerina





Cotton media-20170508-11Davick-Latham

: Oakland

Hobbies: Perfecting the “Dog with the Pearl Earring” look

Highwire Human: Tanner Latham






Taco Harlanmedia-20170508-8

City: New York City

Hobbies: Sleeping on people (including my human baby sister Sloane), sleeping on books, finding new and interesting surfaces to sleep on

Highwire Human: Jennifer Harlan







Willie Gratehousemedia-20170508-12

City: San Francisco & Sonoma

Hobbies: Barking at leaf blowers, enjoying treats and going on walks

Highwire Human: Kathleen Gratehouse






Pepper Navaltamedia-20170508-13

City: San Francisco

Hobbies: Chasing shadows (not a metaphor)

Highwire Human: Chris Navalta







Theo Hillsmedia-20170508-16

City: Providence, RI

Hobbies: Chewing on walls, but my human is trying to get me to expand my horizon

Highwire Human: Chris Hills







media-20170508-15Ella Bean Fitzgerald & Mimi Giachetti

City: Oakland

Hobbies: Being active and trying to make friends with Mimi (Ella); sleeping, trying to avoid Ella (Mimi)

Highwire Human
: Gina Giachetti





Mickey Militanamedia-20170508-14

City: Chicago

Hobbies: Serving as the cutest ring-bearer you’ve ever seen

Highwire Human:  Marlena Militana







Benny Bubbico Ciullamedia-20170508-17

Instagram Handle: @thebennybubs

City: White Plains, NY

Hobbies: Chasing balls and bunnies in the backyard

Highwire Human: Lindsay Ciulla





Oliver (Ollie) Gauthiermedia-20170508-18

City: Oakland

Hobbies: Licking plastic bags, playing with my toy carrot and eating our house plants

Highwire Human: Mariah Gauthier







Maggie Sedin10411775_10205253064705191_4162205524789019084_n

City: Fremont, CA

Hobbies: Eating, sleeping and avoiding kisses from my human

Highwire Human: Marielle Sedin






Annie Smedleymedia-20170508-19

City: Santa Clara, CA

Hobbies: Throwing toys across the room and knocking things over

Highwire Human: Shane Smith







Indo ReedMendocinoSand

Facebook Page:

: Alameda, CA

Being the ultimate hunk and carrying around things like buckets and tools

Highwire Human: Jill Reed




Do you have any fur babies powering your agency? Let us know in the comments below (and share plenty of pictures please)!