High-Lights: Our Tech PR POV

Map Your RSA Conference Week

IT security is an industry based on electronics. Bits and bytes. Wires and routers.  Software code and containers. However, for one week each year, the thought leaders within this business existing “in the ether” congregate and concentrate within a few square miles in San Francisco.

The event that brings them together, RSA Conference, will be held just a few weeks from now. RSA is big. By its own estimates, the conference attracted 40,000 attendees in 2016. That’s the number of CISOs, CIOs, IT security pros, reporters, vendors, interested bystanders, and—yes—PR pros who registered for a badge to enter the Moscone Center during the event.

With that many IT security-minded people in a small area, a series of other events stake out ground near Moscone during the week, enticing those with their own programming. Some have become traditions—everyone knows about the Securosis Recovery Breakfast on Thursday morning, for example.

Your friends at Highwire PR have put together a map of the various events taking place during the week of RSA. Some are instructional, some are celebratory, and some are meant to be cocktail-laden. Per our map below, RSA is not one event, but rather at least 13. Feel free to let us know if we’ve missed one of your favorite events in the comments below. 


Also, make sure to stop by Highwire PR’s event too. It’s a reception on Wednesday, February 15, from 5 – 8:00 p.m. at Natoma Cabana, 90 Natoma Street. Our event is participatory; CSM Passcode, a key industry publication, will be on hand to host a podcast recording with several IT security leaders.

During the week, it will be hard to miss members of our IT security team across the show floor, as we staff meetings and drive PR efforts for our clients. See you there!