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Introducing Highwire Labs: Our Experiments in #PRTech

Highwire Labs PR Technology Reviews

In January 2017, we published a blog on the impact of technology on public relations. In contrast to our friends in marketing, PR has more slowly adopted technology, largely due to the relationship-driven nature of the profession. With that said, advances in machine learning and cloud applications are improving PR technology (#PRTech), and many innovators are entering the market with solutions and platforms designed to simplify the PR pro’s life.

At Highwire PR, we are constantly asking ourselves how we can do our jobs better and improve the effectiveness of PR activity. So we’ve launched a new team – Highwire Labs – with the goal of kicking the tires on these new platforms.

Over the coming months, the new Highwire Labs team will be researching and reviewing the latest PR tech platforms and sharing their findings right here on our blog. The Labs team will compare the top media database platforms, media relationship management and engagement tools, monitoring and measurement solutions, as well as tools such as email tracking technology to provide thoughtful analysis on which platforms are likely to succeed in the fast-paced agency environment.

First up: A media database comparison between Cision and Muckrack.

We’d love to hear from our readers. What technologies are you using to do your job better? What technologies would you like to see reviewed by the Highwire Labs team?