High-Lights: Our Tech PR POV

InsideSales.com Adds Its Voice to the AI Conversation


Understanding the general public’s sentiment of AI is valuable insight for organizations that are developing these technologies for consumers in their day-to-day lives, both at home and in the workplace.

Seizing the Opportunity: The Value of Consumer Insight About AI

Enter InsideSales.com: Although already a fast-growing company and Silicon Valley “unicorn,” InsideSales had a golden opportunity to be seen as an industry thought leader and insert itself into the center of industry conversations about leveraging predictive analytics, machine learning and AI technologies to offer a competitive edge. What better way than to be the one to shed light on what consumers really think – or just don’t know – about AI?

Effective Execution: Measuring AI Sentiment with a Survey

Highwire worked with InsideSales to develop a creative, data-driven campaign called “The State of AI: Are we Friends or Foe?” to highlight the public perception of today’s most disruptive technology. We polled nearly 2,000 people from a variety of backgrounds and locations to determine how they integrate AI into their lives and which processes they were most willing to turn over to smart machines.

The survey ultimately revealed that consumers are just getting started with AI. While people are comfortable using the same technology they’ve been using for years, it’s the new AI technology–AI-enhanced assistants like Amazon Alexa and self-driving cars–that has yet to reach mass adoption. 

The Positive Results: Targeted Coverage and a New PositioningMW-FJ142_4_20170328142703_NS

Through the survey results and secured coverage in business and tech press, Highwire positioned InsideSales as a thought leader in AI technology and gave the company an authoritative voice for demonstrating where consumers might be willing to adopt AI platforms.