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Highwire Celebrates 10 Years of “Elevating the Story”

At Highwire, we believe a great story can change the world. That first line of our mission statement is as true today as it was ten years ago when we started the company. A lot can change in a decade – goodbye server closet, hello cloud; hasta la vista run of the mill analytics, hola AI; so long to wars waged solely on the battlefield, welcome WannaCry and Not Petya. Not to mention voice assistants, autonomous vehicles, drones and the meteoric rise of the FAANG. The one truth that never changes is that the story behind the companies, industries and trends matters. It is the instigator for change, the record of progress and the difference between merely showing up and actually winning the race.

PR and media have also evolved significantly over the past decade. As attention spans shrunk so did article length and the media universe. At the same time social channels created new opportunities to connect directly with constituents and communities of influencers evolved in every category. Today most everyone has their favorite podcasts for work and play. Every company is a content company. Media companies are attempting to reinvigorate C-level events and the mighty few are bringing back long form behind paywalls. Through it all, Highwire has remained tenacious, agile and creative to help disruptive companies tell their story to populations that matter for them.

As we celebrate Highwire’s 10th anniversary, we pay respect to the story itself. We will explore and appreciate together the topics, the journalists and the mediums. Throughout 2018, Highwire will be hosting a series of media panels and events that bring together the sharpest tech storytellers to discuss what the next 10 years will bring for PR, journalism and the media landscape at large. In May, journalists and PR peers gathered to examine trends like the future of work and the evolving image of Silicon Valley at our San Francisco panel event. Our next event on June 27th will bring together media leaders in New York City for discussion of the Evolution of the Story.

Stay tuned on our blog for insights from Highwire’s subject matter experts, who will look ahead to the future of the security, enterprise, consumer tech and AI sectors in our 10th anniversary series. As trends, technologies and trust continue to shape the intricate relationship between PR and the media, you can be sure of one thing: telling a compelling story will be as important 10 years from now as it is today.