High-Lights: Our Tech PR POV

Taking A Moment to Count Our Blessings

Highwire has mandated work from home across our four offices since March 9, 2020. We’re well over a month into social distancing and our office environments have changed dramatically. In this current climate, it’s sometimes impossible to see anything with a “glass half full” point of view. But we posed the question across offices, “what are you most grateful for?” We were happy to see that despite the bleak circumstances, our Highwire Walkers were finding the positives within their new normal.

“Grateful for the peace and serenity of Sonoma and the new sheep and herding dog that moved next door. They are completely unaffected by the coronavirus and remind me that life will move on and this too shall pass. And for the family and friends who are scheduling video conferences at all hours to stay connected and make sure we’re alright and the Highwire team where people are working hard and have each other’s backs. And lastly my new meditation habit. Oh wait, I still don’t have time for that!” — Kathleen Gratehouse, Principal, San Francisco


“Still being able to go outside and enjoy nature.” — Kim General Manager, New York City  





“Being able to watch our new baby grow up. Shelter-in-place began when he turned four months. I love being able to see him grow and change daily.” — Mallory Cloutier, Vice President, San Francisco




“I’m grateful for the flower vendors who are open outside the bodegas in New York City. I worry for their health being outside, but I’m glad they still have a source of income, and I’m happy to have some beauty to brighten up my apartment while working from home.” — Kristi Piechnik, Account Executive, New York City



“I’m grateful to Scrabble for giving my boyfriend and me something to do besides distracti-bake and watch Tiger King. It keeps the mind sharp and healthy competition alive. Thanks, Scrabble!” — Brenna Hogan, Account Manager, Chicago 




“I’m grateful for the sunshine and nice weather that makes working from home just a bit more enjoyable! Even though I miss everyone at the Boston office, the silver lining of this WFH experience has been spending more time outside as winter finally turns to spring.” — Kathleen Flaherty, Intern, Boston 


“The unexpected gifts I’ve been most grateful for with this WFH situation are subtle but powerful. It’s the random Friday afternoon phone call I received from a colleague, checking in “just because.” It’s the unedited view of life I get to see with coworkers and clients via BlueJeans. And it’s the egoless mentality that we’re all just human and doing this crazy life together right now – in support of each other.” — Saige Smith, Account Director, Chicago 


What are you most grateful for during this time? Share with us in the comments below!