Highwire Honors Hispanic Heritage Month

Every year between September 15 and October 15 our nation honors Hispanic Heritage Month by celebrating the cultures, history, and contributions of our ancestors who are native to the Carribean, Mexico, Spain, and Central and South America. Notably, the mid-month timeline is important because it is the anniversary of the independence of five Latin American countries: Costa Rica, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Mexico, Chile, and Belize also celebrate independence days within the heritage month time frame. 

Latinx cultural traditions, values, beliefs, aspirations and life pursuits are at the heart of the celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month. We invite you all to share in this special annual tribute by learning and celebrating the generations of Hispanic and Latinx Americans who have positively influenced and enriched our society. 

This year we asked our Highwire Walkers What does Hispanic Heritage month mean to you? and here’s what they had to say: 

Areli Quintana, Intern, Chicago: 

For me, Hispanic Heritage Month is a time to honor and celebrate those in my community and culture — from my family to activists. It is an opportunity to show appreciation for all the work they’ve done to elevate the Latinx community in the U.S. and educate those around me about it. It’s also a period where I can learn about the music and food from the Latinx communities I’m not a part of!

Fabiola Camacho, Account Manager, Chicago: 

Hispanic Heritage Month is not something I grew up celebrating or knowing about but as I became aware of its existence I’m glad it’s there. This month helps highlight that I’m not alone even when I may feel like it, and that there are Latinx folks everywhere and that they/we contribute to society in ways that can often be overlooked. It’s important to know that you don’t have to be exceptional to be worthy of occupying the space you’re in. 

Jazmin Eusebio, Account Associate, San Francisco: 

Hispanic Heritage Month is important to me because it gives me an opportunity to share more about my culture with the people around me. Anyone else who is first-generation can probably relate to having parents who took steps to ensure their children “fit in” as much as possible in a new setting. Being Mexican is at the core of who I am and I have been working to take steps to reclaim my culture throughout the years. I enjoy sharing details about my family’s traditions, our food, our history and about the pueblo in Jalisco where my parents grew up in. 

This month means a lot to me because it is an opportunity to open up all of these conversations. As much as I enjoy sharing, I also enjoy learning. No Hispanic/Latinx family is the same. We all have different histories, cultures, traditions and stories. Understanding this will help when trying to create campaigns that target this demographic. 

Cynthia, Office Experience Manager, New York: 

Being a Latina, born and raised in NY, it’s embedded in me, I wear all of my Puerto Rican-ness on my sleeve. My day to day is surrounded by salsa music, dancing, and aromatic foods like pasteles and arroz con guandules and its all in honor of my upbringing and my family who passed these traditions onto me. I take great pride in carrying these with me and teaching my son about our culture and all that comes with it. 

This time is also especially significant to me because it marks two years of Hurricane Maria’s devastation on the island. The months after Hurricane Maria left Puerto Rico in terrible devastation and took the lives of over 3,000 Americans. Sadly, there are still many towns that are no longer livable and desolate due to people fleeing for safety. I encourage everyone to take some time and read about the after-effects and how we can help the island get back on its feet. 

Andrea Torres, Senior Account Manager, Remote/Utah: 

Hispanic Heritage Month to me is a moment of pride and an opportunity to spotlight the richness and boldness of the Latinx community. Personally, it’s a chance to educate my daughter about her Peruvian culture. As a Peruvian immigrant, I am very proud of my country, its diversity, beauty, and culture. I’m honored to be part of a mix of people that gave the world the Incas, the world’s first brain surgeons and masonry masterminds that created Machu Picchu — if you haven’t gone, it’s a must! Or Gaston Acurio, an acclaimed Peruvian chef who through his celebration of all the traditions that make Peruvian food so delicious, has single-handedly turned Peruvian Gastronomy into a global destination.

Jackie Gruber, Intern, New York: 

As a Cuban American, Hispanic Heritage Month allows me to take pride in my culture and my family history. This month allows our nation to observe and celebrate diverse Hispanic cultures and their achievements. 

Highwire Brings Home Five Awards So Far in 2019

Unsplash: Luis Villasmil

We are pleased and honored to announce that Highwire PR has earned five awards this year, with programs recognizing our client work as well as our internal culture.

Highwire PR was chosen in April as the Best Agency to Work for in 2019 by the Holmes Report. We are acknowledged for our incredible work and culture, with special accolades given to our diversity and inclusion program, our acknowledgment and support around mental health, and overall company balance. We thank our Diversity & Inclusion Team for leading the charge here and every team member for being so open, vulnerable, and committed to making this part of our ethos.

Our Boston office was recognized as a PR Club Bell Ringer Award finalist. PR Club is New England’s premier association for communication industry professionals and recognizes regional PR leaders with this award program each year.

Beyond the fantastic team we’ve built, we’ve also been recognized for our client work.

Highwire received two awards of commendation from the PRSA 2019 Bronze Anvil Awards. We were recognized for our work launching Iron Ox’s first autonomous robot farm. We love working with their team of plant scientists, roboticists, and engineers to tell the story of how they are creating a new future of food. The second award was for our work launching Norwest Venture Partners’ first CEO Journey Study, an annual benchmark measuring year-over-year trends and helping to shape the resources Norwest offers CEOs and the greater entrepreneurial community.

Our Mr. Cooper team landed a bronze Stevie Award for the data-driven content series we developed with the client. Created in 2002, the Stevie Awards are the world’s premier business awards and recognize the achievements of organizations and professionals worldwide. Our win was part of the American Business Awards program, which honors achievements in the USA in various parts of business.

Lastly, we are honored to have been recognized in O’Dwyers Agency Ranking’s Top 50 and PRWeek 2019 Global Agency Business Report’s Top 100 agencies.

These award wins are a testament of the creativity, tenacity, and inspiring culture cultivated across Highwire’s offices. We strive to bring business impact to our clients, while also driving our team to think differently and build an energetic, driven environment.

We are so proud of our team members and the amazing efforts they put forth every day, and we are so honored to have these top firms recognize the fruits of our labor.

To learn more about the Highwire team and the exciting work we’re producing, follow us @HighwirePR

Value-Based Prioritization: How Tech PR Women Seek Balance

International Women’s Month was a reminder to celebrate women of the past and present, and to be conscious of the foundations we are setting for the future. We sat down with Highwire’s Carol Carrubba, Christine Elswick, and Miya Shitama for insight on what it means to be a woman leader.

Balance is a key component of Highwire’s culture. The theme of IWD this year was #balanceforbetter. With the term holding a variety of forms and meanings, how do you define balance?

Carol Carrubba, Principal and Co-Founder: I wish someone had told me earlier in my career that balance is personal —  both a personal experience and a personal priority. In a leadership role, it can feel like your responsibility to create balance for others. Instead, it is your responsibility to create an environment for others to create their own balance. I encourage my teams and the agency to find what they need for personal balance and ask for it. As a company, we’ve engaged with programs that aim to facilitate this with Work From Home Fridays, Summer Fridays and other wellness benefits.

Christine Elswick, SVP and Head of Security: The dichotomy of a working mother can be tricky. The most important thing I can do to be an asset to my colleagues and family is to have good self-care. Finding balance can be challenging in the  high-demanding tech world we live in, and it takes planning – but it is critically important and it pays off! I carve out time in the early morning hours when all is quiet to work out or spend time on projects that inspire me. Balance should be celebrated and people should feel empowered to do what it takes to find their own sense of balance.

Beyond balance, which values hold significance to you?  

Miya Shitama, Account Manager: Dignity stands out to me. In any industry, there are a variety of professional levels, each offering a different purpose. At the more junior levels, work can feel unrewarding and it is easy to lose sight of its purpose – its dignity. I try to respect every part of my team, including myself, so that I can maintain dignity on all levels. To do so, I think of dignity as a barometer of a good relationship, serving as a measure of health and prosperity within our teams and clients.

Christine: Commitment is a major value for me. I believe that the key to excelling at anything in life is through various expressions of commitment: hone your craft, be open to ongoing feedback, and learn along the way. Success will follow. Commitment is also tremendously important when building and leading teams because it establishes trust. If commitment is placed as the foundation, then trust serves as the building material. I always tell my teams that no matter how things go, dedicate yourself to making it work, and if you fail, I’ll be there to back you up.

Emily Borders, Principal and Co-Founder, has said, “You can do anything. But you can’t do everything.” What and how do you prioritize?

Carol: The work day and its structure can be seen as a burden or as an opportunity. As my family grew, I woke up earlier, squeezing hours in to balance my family and my work – two things that bring me joy. I broke apart the 9-to-5, desk-bound work week and split it apart, creating pockets of free time for lunch with a friend, yoga, or making it home for dinner. I learned to fit work in around life, not vice versa.

Miya: I think prioritization is an ongoing and fluctuating process. I had an Aha! moment a few years back, amidst what seemed to be a never-ending workload. I realized that being successful isn’t about checking everything off. Instead, it’s about being able to distill and figure out what is most important, move everything else and communicate deadlines along the way.

PR is often a woman-dominated industry, while tech is a notably male-dominated industry. How then does your role at Highwire, a Tech PR agency, transcend, challenge, or motivate these generalizations?

Carol: When I started, PR and tech were male-dominated. But the PR industry filled with women, because our brains are trained in the art of empathy, emotion and strategy. The way a female brain works is valuable. It is quantum and multifaceted. I am hopeful and excited for women to continue to be rewarded for showing off their strengths. That’s the cornerstone of PR – it doesn’t matter how great the technology is if you can’t talk about it.

Christine: As head of Highwire’s security practice, with almost every executive being male, I am no longer phased by the gender discrepancy. Instead, I’m empowered. I sought out Highwire because it is an example of strong female leaders breaking through in this industry. I continue to seek out female leaders, both in Highwire and in clients.

Highwire prides itself on its many forms of leadership. The varying expressions of this compliment the diverse industry, empowering insights and encouraging confidence in diversity. Throughout the variety of insight, one common theme arose: confidence. Each leader touched on the power of believing in yourself, your team and your clients. With confidence as the fuel – and womanhood as the fire – the future of tech PR shines brightly for Highwire.

Season of Giving — Highwire Gives Thanks and Support

A simple act of kindness goes a long way. Here at Highwire, our core value of balance allows us to explore our personal passions while giving back to the community. Every quarter, the Highwire Social Impact Committee in each office plans events for employees to come together and volunteer with the organizations we’re most passionate about.

In 2018, we’ve sent supplies to soldiers overseas in Boston, helped mulch trees at a local park in Chicago, fed families staying at the Ronald McDonald House in New York, and helped our local dog rescue with various tasks in San Francisco.

In addition to giving their time, Highwire Walkers have also been busy donating and supporting charities around the country that they care about – utilizing Highwire’s generous donation matching benefit. In honor of Giving Tuesday, here are a few charities that our employees are passionate about:

Walk to End Alzheimer’s

Brittany Votto, Senior Account Manager, San Francisco

After losing her dad to a long struggle with early-onset Alzheimer’s, Brittany has been leading a fundraising effort for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s. Her goal is to help raise awareness and increase funding to find more ways to care for those unlucky enough to have to suffer through it. During this year’s walk, Brittany and her sister raised $4,690 from the support of family, friends and other Highwire Walkers.

Right now, more than 5 million people are living with this devastating disease and 16 million are living the painful and exhausting life of a caregiver. Alzheimer’s is the 6th leading cause of death in the U.S., and it’s the only disease among the top 10 causes of death in America that cannot be prevented, cured or even slowed.

New York-New Jersey Trail Conference

Allie Carmichael, Senior Digital Strategist, New York

As outdoor enthusiasts, Allie and her husband are frequently hiking, often using the New York-New Jersey Trail Conference guides and directions. The organization supports trail upkeep and conservation work, resources used often by both Allie and her husband on their adventures.

The New York-New Jersey Trail Conference is a volunteer-powered organization that builds, maintains, and protects public trails. They currently build and maintain more than 2,150 miles of public trails with 400,000 volunteer hours over the past five years going into building and maintaining trails, monitoring invasive species, creating maps and guidebooks, and more.


Stephanie Burke, Senior Account Manager, New York

After cutting the cord years ago, Stephanie found WNYC a great substitute for local TV news – particularly since they acquired Gothamist earlier this year. She always has it playing from her Alexa at home and loves the variety of segments they offer. With her donation, she’s excited to continue her support for local independent stations.

WNYC is a listener-supported news source on air and online for independent journalism and courageous conversation. Its broadcasting includes broadcasting programs from NPR, American Public Media, Public Radio International and the BBC World Service, as well as a wide range of award-winning local programming. Listen on 93.9 FM and AM 820 in New York City.

Territorio de Zaguates

Andrea Torres, Account Manager, San Francisco

As a dog lover, Andrea contributes to Terrorio de Zaguates to show her love and compassion for her four-legged friends.

The shelter is located in Costa Rica and is a temporary home for hundreds of dog seeking a second chance and a forever home. The shelter also is a permanent home for other dogs that will never find a family.

American Cancer Society

Ben Liwanag, Account Associate, New York

After watching my mom fight a multi-year hard battle with cancer, I am proud to continue to help others fight and live with this disease by contributing to the American Cancer Society. With nearly everyone knowing someone or directly impacted by cancer, the fight will only continue until a cure can be found.

In 2018, there will be an estimated 1,735,350 new cancer cases diagnosed and 609,640 cancer deaths in the United States. The American Cancer Society continues to fund and conduct research, share expert information, support patients and families as well as spread awareness on cancer prevention.

[Photo Gallery] Highwire Celebrates its 10th Anniversary from Coast to Coast

This year marks Highwire’s 10-year anniversary. Over the last decade, we’ve expanded to almost 100 Highwire Walkers located in four cities across the country— San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Boston. Highwire has been celebrating its anniversary all year long across each office in true media maven style – with media panels, networking and drinks! We’ve held panels in San Francisco, New York and Chicago this year to celebrate the evolution of the story and the exciting things in store for tech and PR.

In October, we culminated our anniversary celebrations with two parties in our San Francisco and New York offices, bringing together industry members, journalists and clients for a night of food, wine and great conversation. Take a look at how we celebrated from coast to coast. Here’s to the next 10 years!

San Francisco’s 10-year anniversary party


New York City’s 10-year anniversary party

Inspiring growth – Highwire’s Agency-Wide Radical Candor Training

Highwire was built to be an agency that prioritizes collaboration, teamwork and collegiality as much as progress and client success. In order to grow our own careers, honest feedback is critical, but the process of sharing and receiving feedback can be awkward, uncomfortable and even harsh. Giving and receiving feedback is something we all need to improve on as we look to grow our careers.

As part of Highwire’s diversity and inclusion initiative to learn to work better together, the entire agency recently learned the ins and outs of Radical Candor from Joe Dunn at Radical Candor, LLC. Radical Candor is the ability to challenge directly and show you care personally at the same time while delivering feedback.

Giving a training to both our East Coast and West Coast staff, Joe provided the agency with the tools to provide effective feedback and strengthened our agency’s culture of feedback. Here’s how we’re embarking on working better together.

Why’s it important?

“Radical Candor gives us a framework to have the conversations that keep us true to our best intentions and ensures that we are moving forward, together,” said Carol Carrubba, principal at the agency. “Those that practice radical candor and take the chances now will be more likely to get what they want in the future.”

It’s easy to get carried away talking to teammates over Slack, text and email –  especially since it’s an avenue to avoid uncomfortable face to face conversations. This is not effective. Radical Candor has given us shared language and tools to drive our careers and have those necessary conversations, even when it’s not easy.

The recent trainings on Radical Candor did more than provide staff the format and tools to give effective feedback – it was also an opportunity to carve out time for feedback in our minds and make others feel confident delivering and receiving feedback.

“If something is bothering me, I have a tendency to let it sit,” said Ali Wilson, intern in the agency’s San Francisco office. “This training has inspired me to deal with challenges as they come and to communicate with my teams, managers and colleagues frequently, honestly and openly about any challenges I may be facing.”

How we’re embracing it

Change isn’t something that can happen overnight. But according to Dallas Ripka, account executive in the New York office, she’s actively working to implement what we learned.

“Since our training I’ve been striving to give and receive feedback more candidly” said Ripka. “The training opened my eyes to the importance of having more one-on-one conversations with teammates in-person or via phone. I’m asking more of my teammates for direct feedback and look forward to more collaborative conversations that act as opportunities for growth.”

But to truly embrace the model for giving feedback, we were asked to bring one piece of feedback to the half-day workshop that we’ve been avoiding or delaying. In small groups, we applied the Radical Candor model to learn how to give this feedback effectively.

“I’ve been trying to find a way to give feedback to a teammate for a while now but was nervous with how they would take it,” said Ashley Angello, senior account executive in New York. “I was finally able to have this conversation using Radical Candor and I’m glad I did because it opened up a better rapport with this person overall.”

As we continue to grow our careers, try new things and work with new people it is important that we strengthen our culture of feedback and inclusion at Highwire. This training is another example of the work our team is doing to not only effectively provide feedback internally, but externally as well.

“We’re masters of words and need to get better at ensuring we use our words in the best, most transparent and productive way with each other,” said Meredith Klee, vice president in San Francisco.

Curious about being part of something different? See our open opportunities here, or reach out to a Highwire Walker to learn more.

Highwire Celebrates 10 Years of “Elevating the Story”

At Highwire, we believe a great story can change the world. That first line of our mission statement is as true today as it was ten years ago when we started the company. A lot can change in a decade – goodbye server closet, hello cloud; hasta la vista run of the mill analytics, hola AI; so long to wars waged solely on the battlefield, welcome WannaCry and Not Petya. Not to mention voice assistants, autonomous vehicles, drones and the meteoric rise of the FAANG. The one truth that never changes is that the story behind the companies, industries and trends matters. It is the instigator for change, the record of progress and the difference between merely showing up and actually winning the race.

PR and media have also evolved significantly over the past decade. As attention spans shrunk so did article length and the media universe. At the same time social channels created new opportunities to connect directly with constituents and communities of influencers evolved in every category. Today most everyone has their favorite podcasts for work and play. Every company is a content company. Media companies are attempting to reinvigorate C-level events and the mighty few are bringing back long form behind paywalls. Through it all, Highwire has remained tenacious, agile and creative to help disruptive companies tell their story to populations that matter for them.

As we celebrate Highwire’s 10th anniversary, we pay respect to the story itself. We will explore and appreciate together the topics, the journalists and the mediums. Throughout 2018, Highwire will be hosting a series of media panels and events that bring together the sharpest tech storytellers to discuss what the next 10 years will bring for PR, journalism and the media landscape at large. In May, journalists and PR peers gathered to examine trends like the future of work and the evolving image of Silicon Valley at our San Francisco panel event. Our next event on June 27th will bring together media leaders in New York City for discussion of the Evolution of the Story.

Stay tuned on our blog for insights from Highwire’s subject matter experts, who will look ahead to the future of the security, enterprise, consumer tech and AI sectors in our 10th anniversary series. As trends, technologies and trust continue to shape the intricate relationship between PR and the media, you can be sure of one thing: telling a compelling story will be as important 10 years from now as it is today.  

Highwire Celebrates LGBTQ Pride Month

Why do the colors of the rainbow signify the gay pride flag?

This question will kick off Highwire’s in-office LGBTQ trivia night later this month in San Francisco, as employees come together to take a break from the grind and celebrate Pride Month with one another. After learning more about LGBTQ history through a team trivia challenge, the San Francisco office will head down to Ginger’s for a happy hour at the historic gay bar.

This is just one of the events Highwire employees will take part in during the agency’s LGBTQ Pride Month celebration across the San Francisco, New York, Boston and Chicago offices in June. Highwire started off the month by changing its logo in order to showcase the company’s allyship with the LGBTQ community and to raise awareness both within the agency and across its network. We will launch social media campaigns throughout the month to spotlight employees’ thoughts on inclusion and being an ally.  Employees will also take part in other pride-themed events throughout the month, including pride-themed trivia in Chicago and after-hours drinks and pride trivia at Club Cafe in Boston. Highwire’s New York employees will take part in a group walk across The Highline wearing the colors of the rainbow flag.

“At Highwire, we are allies to all communities and embrace the talent and perspective they bring to the table,” said Andrew Robinson, head of HR at Highwire. “Our core value of curiosity encourages us to be brave debaters and unafraid to question the privilege, unconscious bias and prejudice that exists in society to ensure a safe space within Highwire and infuse awareness throughout our culture.”

Stay tuned for photos from Highwire’s June events and follow the agency on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram for more LGBTQ social campaigns throughout June.

Meet Bob Finlayson, Highwire’s New EVP

When we first met Bob Finlayson about four years ago, we immediately recognized his gift for inspiring leaders and growing businesses through storytelling. Initially, he spearheaded our emerging leaders management training program, and subsequently our strategic offsites. With each session and interaction, he delivered valuable insights, from how best to assess current and prospective resources to staying ahead of the marketplace and anticipating client needs.

Bob has built his career by implementing effective marketing, branding, public relations, communications and social media strategies for a diverse range of companies that disrupted markets through technology. For example, he worked with Microsoft to help build Xbox into a category-disrupting brand at a time when Sony and Nintendo dominated the market. The keys to success were combining an influencer program with creativity and hard work across events as well as a proactive media plan. It also didn’t hurt that he had, “a fantastic client who was willing to take intelligent risks and run with our ideas,” he says. Additionally, Bob’s experience spans an impressive list of major brands and startups, including HP, SAP, Visa, Adobe, to name a few.  

With this post, we both welcome Bob and introduce him to you. Here he explains his vision in a short but important Q&A that reveals what’s most important to him as he dives into his new role.  

You’re going to be working on expanding our new products and services area to meet client needs. What areas do you feel are most critical? What are the big opportunities and why?

First, I would say that effective measurement — the ways that we demonstrate the value of what we do — continues to be one of our most critical needs. But more broadly, we know that the media landscape is changing, as is the way in which people interact with news, information, advertising and brands. We intend to be on the forefront of the communications and marketing strategies that reflect these changes by telling stories in new ways, while continuing to help clients achieve their business goals. My goal is to ensure we stay ahead of these changes so we can continue to meet and exceed our clients’ needs and expectations.  

What are some broad goals you have for yourself and the agency?

I’m focused on three main goals where I believe I can make the most impact:  

  • To expand our new services capabilities and revenue by building new products to meet the needs of a changing communications landscape.
  • To support and cultivate our agency’s culture so that we continue to attract and retain the best talent in the industry.
  • To identify and engage with the companies that want to change the world.

Summarize some key learnings/skills from your background working with tech companies and startups that ultimately prime you for success in this role.  

I’ve had the opportunity and privilege to work with some of the world’s leading technology brands and with some of the most innovative startups across just about every market category. This includes working with many tech visionaries. That means that I bring a depth and breadth of experience and expertise to client issues, challenges and opportunities. My background as a journalist and marketer enables me to help clients tell impactful stories for earned, owned, paid and shared media. I’ve leveraged the most effective marketing tools to project those stories with the objective of building brands and driving the customer behaviors that achieve client business goals.

Finally, tell us more about your passions or hobbies. How do you spend your spare time?

Technology, art and engineering are my passions, but mostly I think of myself as a futurist. Over the past 20 or so years, I’ve had the opportunity and the privilege to work with some amazing visionaries (Bill Gates and Elon Musk), some extraordinarily imaginative companies (Cisco, Infoseek, FireEye and more) and to launch some incredible products (Tivo, Hotwire and more). This has given me the chance to see technology trends as they were developing, which feeds into my other passion — science fiction writing. My first novel was Gene Pool: Unnatural Selection, which is the first in a four part series. I’m working on the second book now. It’s set in San Francisco, and is about the coming biotech revolution. You can also find a piece I wrote for NPR station KQED here that discusses our quest to extend the human lifespan.

My other hobbies include sailing, scuba diving, photography, international travel and home repair. Okay, the last one might not be so much of a hobby as a necessity.  

Highwire Named a Best Agency to Work For by The Holmes Report

By Andrew Robinson

Highwire has been ranked by The Holmes Report as the No. 3 Best Agency to Work for in our category — and I could not be more proud! At Highwire, we prioritize a strong company culture that fosters a positive, impactful and inclusive employee experience for nearly 100 employees. Being selected as a Best Agency to Work For is an impressive benchmark. It allows us the opportunity to showcase our vibrant culture within an industry whose primary asset remains its people.

Highwire’s culture and core values are guided by The Highwire Way, which embodies an environment of critical thinking, creative ideation and agile, tenacious execution. This philosophy is engrained in everything we do and enables us to create award-winning programs. It drives our high-touch focus on professional development to give every team member the opportunity to grow and develop. We’re committed to providing the tools they need to succeed through mentorship, quarterly goal setting, continuous coaching conversations with managers and a robust training program that includes a dedicated writing coach.

The Highwire Way defines our focus on balance and flexibility — team members can work from their location of choice, be it the apartment or a coffee shop, each Friday, and participate in wellness events like in-office yoga and small group classes at popular fitness studios.  The Highwire Way also inspired our “No Multitasking Manifesto,” through which we commit to fewer, focused meetings and to honor deep work without distractions.  

The Highwire Way pushes us to work toward a culture where every team member is valued for their unique perspective and life experiences. This year, we embarked on an intensive four-part diversity and inclusion training initiative. Employees took a break from their busy work days to join in an open dialogue about personal backgrounds and experience, effective communication techniques and tools that can be used to better understand our colleagues and our clients.

Highwire Inclusion and Diversity Training

One of my favorite projects that The Highwire Way has inspired is our H-Wow video series. In an effort to ensure employees feel appreciated and recognized for their work across all levels, we created an entertaining way to recognize employees with a “Weekend Update” twist. This internal video newscast celebrates employees and their hard work through peer nomination, and regularly publishes to the agency’s YouTube channel after being shared agency-wide.

From office museum trips to our annual Kickoff event that brings together employees from our San Francisco, New York, Boston and Chicago offices, our “work hard/play hard” mentality has led to a lot of fun times at Highwire. I am honored that our agency has been recognized for the hard work we do every day to create an environment where each employee feels valued and engaged.