Giving Thanks the Highwire Way

At Highwire, we’re known for more than creating an impact with our client work. From donation matching to organized service events, Highwire Walkers have the opportunity to give back to our communities, organizations and causes that we’re passionate about. 

Earlier this year our “Social Impact” committee rebranded to “Highwire Helping Hands” to better reflect the hands-on volunteer work our team is passionate about doing. This year alone, our offices have organized more than five events with another five left in December.

On Halloween, the NYC office and I participated in our third annual afternoon of service volunteering at the Ronald McDonald House — a charity that provides free housing and meals to patients and families receiving critical treatments at hospitals far from home. We got our hands dirty and made spaghetti and homemade meatballs to the largest turn out to date, with hungry guests dressed up as animals, superheroes, and my personal favorite, the cast of Harry Potter. It’s always a rewarding highlight of the year.

Highwire also recently announced that we’re incorporating our dedication to service into our traditional PR work. We’ve teamed up with our global partners in the Brands2Life Global Network to drive awareness of our latest pro-bono client, Tree-Nation. The organization has more than 70 reforestation projects across the globe where they’ve planted more than 5 million trees. In a time that supporting our planet has never been more critical, I’m excited at this opportunity to bring to light the alarming impact that global warming has on our world’s natural ecosystem. 

But the work our team does goes beyond organized events as Highwire Walkers volunteer in their off time as well. Panama-based Alejandra D’Croz has made it her mission to help Adopta Panamá, a non-profit organization dedicated to finding good homes for dogs and cats, mostly stray and abandoned ones. She’s engaged in the entire organization from fundraising, adopting animals out and even regularly fostering puppies.

Nida Ilahi, senior talent strategist, also engages at her son’s school. From fundraising, field trips to finding ways to show appreciation to their amazing teachers, Ilahi believes small gestures can have a big impact on bringing value to the community.

While I have a lot to be thankful for in 2019, I’m forever grateful to work alongside colleagues and a company that supports and shares my passions. Share what you’re passionate about in the comments or tweet @HighwirePR and share what you’re thankful for.