Wrist Wars: Beating Apple to the Punch with a Consumer EKG

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AliveCor wanted to set the standard for affordable, accessible heart health care by introducing KardiaBand, the first FDA-cleared medical device accessory for the Apple Watch. Highwire brought a two-pronged approach to maximize launch impact.

Working with AliveCor, we paired industry credibility with consumer action. This was an education campaign, designed to drive adoption on two fronts.

Leverage industry credibility: Highwire worked with research papers and medical studies by the Mayo Clinic, Cleveland Clinic and others to showcase consumer EKG legitimacy

Educate consumers and the media: We created activity championing the importance of an EKG to combat heart disease in consumer press

Picture developed by Highwire PR
Picture developed by Highwire PR

Highwire’s work achieved increased demand and awareness for AliveCor, with such strong results that the KardiaBand initially sold out following a surge in demand. 

● Media attention drove sales tenfold. KardiaBand sold out

AliveCor was listed on Fast Company’s most innovative company list twice

● The launch gained national attention from GMA and CNET

In addition, our work on digital channels reached 43.9 million through Twitter.