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Cyber & Tech Policy Roundup September 2020: The Pressure Builds 

Hello and welcome to the Highwire Cyber and Tech Policy news roundup!

September 2020 was a month where the pressure continued to build. Privacy legislation, antitrust movements, and cybersecurity news, including the first death by a ransomware attack, broke weekly if not daily. It was all just a preview for October when the news leading up to the election on November 3rd is going to hit a fever pitch. There’s no separating the Tech Industry from politics now. Hold on to your hats, folks. We’re in for a ride.


Antitrust action began to look even more inevitable this month. Republicans are still dedicated to investigating Tech Giants for biases, while Democrats continue to build their case for an overhaul of antitrust legislation. Like most things, the future all comes down to what happens on November 3rd. In fact, there is a rumor that the DOJ will try to us antitrust action as an October Surprise — so keep an eye out.

Internationally, no one is really sure what the Trump Administration is doing with TikTok and the U.S. relationship with WeChat could just be the beginning of a larger tech war with China.

Home, Sweet, Home

A Bipolar Tech War

Bipolarity is a term in international affairs to describe a world dominated by two powers (i.e. U.S. vs Russia or U.S. vs China). Multipolar and unipolar are other designations. 


This month, international privacy concerns cropped up for Facebook as the company may be charged with changing its data practices in Europe. Additionally, Amazon expanded privacy controls for the Alexa device… only to introduce a privacy nightmare in the making: the new Ring in-home drone security cam – to patrol your house while you’re away. As Big Tech tries to cut the head off one privacy concern, ten more sprout up.

Facebook Booked for Data Privacy Concerns in Ireland

Alexa’s Tightening Up Its Privacy

Ring Drone


Election Day is quickly approaching and the tigers and lions and bears are looking more like disinformation campaigns, nation-state attacks, and ransomware – Oh, my! Buried underneath the overwhelming election security news was another story that could change cybersecurity forever. Someone has died because of a ransomware attack—the first death by a cyber attack.

Election Day is Looking… Grim. And No One’s Surprised

Ransomware on the Rise 

Foreign Interference at Its Finest

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This blog was written by Claire Teitelman, Ali Wilson, and Jill Niedermeyer.