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How A Solid IR/PR Strategy Can Help Win Over Investors Amid a Global Pandemic

How do you make the most powerful impression as you prepare for a financing round or IPO? By illuminating your company’s successes, its strong financial future, and the C-suite of visionaries behind the brand. Even in times of crisis or economic recession, focusing on the power of a strategic, IR/PR communications approach should always be a top priority.

As seen in PR Daily, Highwire partnered with Gilmartin Group, a strategic advisory firm, to develop a recommended phased approach to key IR/PR strategies every company should consider and implement to increase its Wall Street visibility, especially during a worldwide pandemic: 

  • Phase I: Craft communications plan and refine corporate messaging
  • Phase II: Execute your communications plan
    Phase III: Deepen your credibility

What challenges are hindering your company’s progress in garnering investor interest? Let us know at healthcare@highwirepr.com and we’ll provide three bespoke PR and IR solutions.