High-Lights: Our Tech PR POV

You Want an Award-Winning PR Program? Here’s What It Takes

As communications professionals, we know that the best award submission starts with innovative clients and a strong PR program. 

At Highwire, we’re lucky to work with industry-leading clients whose partnership leads to creative PR campaigns. When we collaborate, we think strategically about what type of campaigns not only map back to business goals, but that are award-worthy in their own right. 

In 2019, we celebrated several award wins including a Stevie and two Bronze Anvils. This year, we were recently announced as finalists for PRovoke’s Technology Agencies of the Year, as well as finalists in two categories for the SABRE award.  These awards bring together the best firms, execs and campaigns, not just in tech PR, but in the broader communications industry to recognize innovative thinking, excellent client services and more.

While the hard work of building an award-worthy campaign alongside our clients is the first step, what else goes into a winning submission? To guide our efforts for these submissions, here are a few key tips we kept in mind:

  • Contextualize the opportunity: Our clients are part of larger industry ecosystems and our campaigns are too. Make sure that your submission highlights why that campaign mattered at that specific moment in time. Was there a national health crisis that this technology was looking to help fix or a new piece of legislation that it tied back to? Whatever that context may be, you developed a campaign taking it into consideration, so be sure that it’s showcased in your submission. 
  • Leverage industry accolades: Chances are your client has validation from 3rd parties. Incorporating these into the award submission can serve as a powerful way to show why the company and this campaign is at the forefront of their industry. This can be anything from research partnerships with academic institutions, peer-reviewed publications, participation in industry cohorts and prior award wins. While they may not be directly tied to the campaign you’re nominating, it goes to show how the company, and its campaign, is connected within the broader ecosystem.
  • Highlight impactful metrics: We all know that data is key when it comes to showing impact and award submissions are no different. While we may be tempted to showcase the sheer number of placements a campaign garnered, it’s always best to lead with quality over quantity. Did your campaign help drive an enormous number of leads, bring in a high-quality new customer or reach a new social audience? These are the numbers that drive huge business results for our clients and show how PR had a direct impact on our client’s bottom line, and should be front and center when demonstrating a campaign’s results.

If you’re interested in learning more about how Highwire partners with organizations, please feel free to explore our case study page or reach out directly at hi@highwirepr.com