Karen Sung

In an era of information and data overload, stories are what stick. Through integrated marketing and communications, I help clients optimize their story.

6 questions with a Highwire SVP

Karen enjoys cooking it up in the kitchen. Read on to find out what she'd be doing if she wasn't working in PR...

What’s the one thing you really enjoy doing?

Feeding people is my love language and I find cooking very therapeutic. Best compliment to me is if you tell me you enjoyed my food, and extra credit if you said it was the best meal you ever had!

What’s your favorite aspect of the PR space?

The best part about PR is being able to tell diverse and interesting stories. Part of telling the story is also translating it for the intended audience. This can be a challenging part of the process, but at the end very rewarding.

What’s your area of interest and expertise?

I started my career in broadcast journalism, but my first job in PR was in technology and I did that for over 15 years and then branched out to healthcare. So my sweet spot would be the intersection of technology and healthcare - so many innovations coming out of both sectors!

If you weren’t working in PR, what would you be doing instead?

A cookbook tester.

What I’m doing when I’m not working…

Probably reading, traveling, cooking, drinking wine or eating at the latest new or new-to-me restaurant.

Where are you from?
When people ask me this question I never know how to answer it because I don’t know if they are asking where I was born (Seoul, Korea) or what nationality I am (I’m a US citizen) or where I’ve lived in the US (Washington, Oregon, Maryland, South Carolina, Texas, Missouri and Arizona) since I’ve moved around a lot. So however you meant to ask the question, I hope I answered it!

Where the rubber meets the road

Everyone at Highwire is hands-on with client work and the principals are no exception. Some of the brands Kathleen has worked with.


Thinkers and doers

Our teams combine strategic thinking with forward-looking drive and bold creativity. We have also formed trusted relationships that result from decades of success in strategic communications. This all adds up to our winning formula of insights + influence = impact.

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Head of DIBs

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Head of People
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Karen Sung

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