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The Top 7 Media Briefing Spots in San Francisco

Congratulations! You’ve secured some awesome in-person meetings for your client in San Francisco. But, you’re located in New York or Los Angeles or Boston and aren’t exactly sure of where to recommend that your client takes those important meetings.

If your client takes a briefing at a less than ideal location, then you could frustrate the reporter, frazzle your client and completely undo all of your hard work.

Below, we’ve compiled some of our favorite spots near a sampling of the publications that you are likely pursuing for your San Francisco media tour:

1. Philz Coffee (201 Berry Street) — If your client has meeting at TechCrunch, they are in for a treat. Right around the corner from TechCrunch’s office is a Philz Coffee, one of the most beloved coffee shops in the Bay Area. The Berry Street Philz has indoor seating, which can get a little noisy, but there are outdoor seats if inside is too noisy or if your spokesperson wants to enjoy the California sunshine during the interview. We recommend ordering Philz’s medium roast.


2. Two Embarcadero (2 Embarcadero Center)– Next up is the Wall Street Journal up on California Street. Nearby are the Embarcadero Center towers. Connecting them is a raised walkway, which has some grass and benches. Upstairs from the Banana Republic on Embarcadero Two are tables and benches ideal for a discussion of the Internet of Things.

embarcadero two

3. Transamerica Redwood Park (Between Clay St. and Washington St.)– Close by, in the shadow of the TransAmerica Pyramid is the New York Times’ office. On the other side of the Pyramid is a quiet park called “Transamerica Redwood Park.” The park is a slim piece of real estate with trees, a fountain and a sculpture of children playing. Around lunchtime, the park becomes full of Financial District workers, but in off-peak hours it’s rarely crowded.

redwood park






4. Heyday (180 Spear Street) — Bloomberg’s San Francisco office is located in SOMA, a section of the city that is booming particularly due to the tech sector flourishing. Next door to the business publication’s offices is Heydey, a stylish café with an organic menu (so San Francisco). There is ample seating inside the café, but in case of crowds, there is the Spear Street Plaza outside.








5. InterContinental (888 Howard Street) — If your next stop is the San Francisco Chronicle, the InterContinental is across the street. If you and Benny Evangelista are in the need of a place to chat, try the chic lobby or bar.







6. District (216 Townsend Street) — Wired’s offices, which are new and must be kept clean, are down the street from The Chron. Coffee is great, but it can get kind of boring. If you’re in San Francisco, you should probably get some of the fine wine from the Bay Area.






7. Credo (360 Pine Street) – Near the offices that contain The Verge (and SBNation, Curbed, Eater, Racked and Vox), is a great Italian restaurant: Credo (“I believe” in Italian). The décor is very cool — on the wall are famous quotes related to beliefs” – and the food is great.








8. The Station (596 Pacific Avenue) – Here’s a bonus one – the beloved Station down the street from the Highwire offices. While you’re in the neighborhood, give us a shout!

the station





Where do you like to hold briefings in your city?