• Shari Foldes

    Vice President

  • What’s your favorite aspect of the PR tech space?
    One of my favorite things about our industry is building relationships with people, whether they are clients, journalists or colleagues. Everyone has a unique perspective and something to teach and learn from each other.

    What’s your area of interest and expertise?
    I work on a variety of enterprise and consumer accounts at Highwire and help lead our agency’s business development efforts. Regardless of the sector, I enjoy working with teams, coming up with creative campaigns, developing stories and collaborating with reporters.

    What did you do prior to Highwire?
    I have more than a decade of experience leading communications at agencies, technology startups and, before Highwire, for a leading venture capital firm in Silicon Valley. From ice cream to potato chips to disinfectant wipes and live streaming, I’ve worked with companies of various sizes and stages—and what makes all of them interesting is their ability to tell stories in ways that compel people to care. We are living through an exciting time with the evolution and maturation of the Digital Revolution.

    What led you to PR as a career?
    From a very young age, I was drawn to a career in news. While in journalism school, I had opportunities to work at several professional newspapers, where I enjoyed the fast pace, talking with people and hearing their stories. I eventually discovered PR as a profession through an internship and loved the variety and opportunity to learn while working in teams.

    What I’m doing when I’m not working?
    Getting up before the sun rises, reading books, moving my body, exploring the Bay Area and being outside, and going to events and shows. I communicate most of my adventures on Snapchat in 10-second clips.

    Where are you from?
    St. Louis, Missouri.

    What do you miss about where you’re from?
    There are a few things, in no particular order: family, Cardinals baseball, warm summer nights, fall colors, toasted ravioli, Imo’s pizza and Ted Drewes.

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