• Nina Korfias

    Vice President

  • What’s your favorite aspect of the PR tech space?

    Technology has forever changed the way we work and play. I can’t imagine going a single day without some aspect of technology impacting my life – it’s so important! Plus, there’s never a dull moment in tech PR – it keeps us all on our toes, which I love.

    What’s your area of interest and expertise?

    Enterprise B2B – but my expertise is in security. IoT, network, endpoint, cloud security – you name it, I’ve worked on it.

    What did you do prior to Highwire?

    I spent seven years at MSLGROUP, formerly Schwartz Communications.

    What led you to PR as a career?

    Growing up, I always knew my career path would lead me down some sort of communications track. After graduating from Simmons College in Boston and hearing about the hyper-growth this city was observing from the tech community, I knew tech PR was just the challenge for me.

    What I’m doing when I’m not working?

    Wine, food, family and friends – in no particular order.

    Where are you from?

    Born and raised in Boston, MA – although you couldn’t tell from my accent. I still (and will always) pronounce my R’s!  

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