• Greg Chiemingo

    Senior Vice President

  • Tell us about yourself.

    I love great stories. Reading them, and helping companies share the ones that are helping change the way we perceive and understand our world.  I’ve always been fascinated by the stories we tell ourselves to understand our world. I joined Highwire in May, 2017.

    If you weren’t working in PR, what would you be doing instead?

    I’d love to do research in Antarctica. I think the only continent without indigenous human life can teach us so much about the history and the future of life on our planet. I’ve also been told I can chef, and I love to cook, but that may just be coming from people who love when I do the work. My chopping skills/speed need work.

    What’s the one thing you really enjoy doing?

    The late great Pam Edstrom used to ask “what is the business problem you are trying to solve” and there is nothing I enjoy more than helping solve business challenges through strategic communications. The best business insights often come by simply changing the way you think about a problem.

    What’s your notable work experience prior to coming to Highwire?

    I’ve had the great good fortune to work on behalf of some amazing clients and launching the first three generations of the Surface is definitely a career highlight as it felt like a film trilogy with many great characters, plot twists and ultimate happy ending.

    What do you do outside of work?

    I love to travel and have been to 48 of our 50 wonderful United States (I’ll make it some day Kansas and North Dakota). I’ve been lucky enough to visit multiple countries in Asia and Europe, much more travel to do including bucket list destination Antarctica.

    What led you to PR as a career?

    I was working as a temp at a small PR agency in Los Angeles trying to break into Hollywood as a screenwriter when I saw a team of amazing professionals prevent a story from running on behalf of a grateful client. I was mesmerized, it was better than any reality TV and I was hooked. Stories about people making and using technology to change the world have kept me fully engaged since I started faxing press releases and taping newspaper clippings to build coverage reports.

    What’s a fun fact about you that’s not in your LinkedIn profile?

    I was a stage manager for a roller-blading lounge singer and can still hear “Whole Lotta Love Boat” in my head from time to time.

    Where are you from?

    New Jersey born and bred.  

    What do you miss about where you’re from?

    Pork roll (Taylor ham is a brand, not the product).

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