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Reimagining the New Possibilities of Wi-Fi

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For more than 15 years, Wi-Fi Alliance has spearheaded innovation in connectivity, ensuring the technology's longevity as a must-have for businesses and consumers alike. Wi-Fi Alliance’s latest release, Wi-Fi CERTIFIED Wi-Fi Aware™, would take the connected experience even further, enabling personalized social, local and mobile experiences on any device, in just about any environment. However, to make this vision a reality, Wi-Fi Alliance needed to educate a wide range of stakeholders of the technology’s potential, establishing Wi-Fi as more than just the means for a simple Internet connection.

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Highwire worked to set the stage, positioning Wi-Fi as a technology that not only connects users to the Web, but also as one that is always innovating and key to users’ lives. This effort was critical in anticipation of the release of Wi-Fi Aware. This included speaking on the LTE-U debate, the role of Wi-Fi in the future of our cities and infrastructure, and the benefits it could offer users from the conference attendee to the retail giant. Content and thought leadership were at the heart of this campaign. Through placements of articles highlighting Wi-Fi’s progress, along with briefings with media and analysts, Highwire was able to distinguish Wi-Fi from other proximity-based technologies like Bluetooth and geofencing—placing it in its own category.

The launch of Wi-Fi Aware expanded the Wi-Fi story, and in turn helped broker new relationships with reporters and analysts outside Wi-Fi Alliance's core relationships.

The media coverage caught the attention of one of the world’s largest fast food chains, leading to productive conversations around how it could be among the first to rollout Wi-Fi Aware globally.

The residual coverage of the announcement has since led to multiple speaking opportunities alongside competitors and industry influencers, helping Wi-Fi Alliance achieve its goal of Wi-Fi being recognized as a technology that continues to connect the world.

Picture developed by Highwire PR
451 Research, Rich Karpinski's research report on Wi-Fi Aware:

“But with broad industry support and keen awareness of Wi-Fi among mobile users, Wi-Fi Aware could become a key new piece of social, local and mobile infrastructure.... That said, Wi-Fi Aware will definitely vie for attention with other technologies enabling proximity-based applications...”