Elevating Application Security

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Over 50 percent of all cyber attacks come through at the application layer—more than all other layers combined. Despite this, broad awareness of the application layer has been stagnant, with headlines driven by network, perimeter and data center security breaches. Veracode, a pre-IPO security firm, set out to change this, partnering with Highwire PR to elevate awareness of application security to help drive its business.

In order to position Veracode as a leader in application security, Highwire set out to focus on the category itself. By building and executing carefully positioned and well-timed creative campaigns elevating the dangers of application layer threats, Highwire increased mindshare for Veracode and broadened its bench of media-facing executives. Now, Veracode is the go-to resource on all things app security—evident by regular inclusion in tier-one business press.

Veracode and Highwire partnered on an application security awareness campaign, highlighting risks associated between application security and the Internet of Things (IoT). Carefully timed after CES 2015 when the conversation on IoT was hot, the campaign included a white paper, infographic and series of blogs developed by the Highwire Content Studio.

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Veracode has increased customer adoption to achieve double-digit growth with inquiries from Fortune 500 companies as a direct result of PR

Top-tier business, tech and security reporters seek out Veracode for timely commentary and insights on breaking industry news