Getting to the Heart of the Matter: A New Standard for Heart Health

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Heart disease is the number one cause of death in the United States, claiming more lives than all forms of cancer combined. This is exacerbated by lack of awareness regarding the warning signs and risk factors for heart disease. AliveCor aims to address this problem and transform wearable medical technology with Kardia Mobile, its industry-first, FDA-cleared mobile EKG device, putting heart health at anyone’s fingertips.

While the company already had extensive validation from over 75 clinical research studies, AliveCor needed to break through to consumers and caregivers. The company also needed to differentiate itself in the crowded digital health space by spotlighting how it brought a 360 degree approach to its products, working closely with caregivers, regulatory bodies like the FDA as well as consumers.

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To do this, Highwire leveraged AliveCor’s clinically-validated technology and all-star executive team to position the company as a trusted ally to consumers and physicians alike in the fight against cardiovascular disease. Awareness campaigns targeting healthcare influencers, technology influencers and consumers significantly raised the company’s profile. By spotlighting custom data, executive thought leadership and new product innovations, the campaigns resulted in broad coverage in technology, consumer and medical press.

The broad coverage, including CNBC Squawk Alley spot featuring AliveCor CEO, Vic Gundotra, resulted in a sales increase of 800%.

Highwire helped not only raise overall awareness for the company, but also differentiate AliveCor from other players in the crowded digital health market and demonstrate its impact for patients and caregivers.

Picture developed by Highwire PR

“This mobile heart monitor doesn’t just aim to keep you safe from heart attacks — it also gives you a glimpse into the future of health devices.”

“Want to prevent a stroke? Combine wearables. AliveCor says their new combination of ECG and blood pressure can laser target stroke.”